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Hi all!
Just read post about someones kitty that died of liver failure. It was a beautiful cat & I feel so bad he's gone.
What kind of freaks me out is the fact that today I had to go for a liver scan & it doesn't look so good. (problems began in my stomach). I have 3 grown kids. Don't wanna tell them. You guys are all I have. Can't tell friends-it'll get around-small town. Just asking for some prayers. Why would they call me on a holiday weekend(today-2 hours after scan) to tell me to call my Dr. on Tues. for appt. if it's not something to worry about? Why would they ruin the rest of the holiday weekend? Sorry. Just needed to get this out. My husband just yells at me for not wanting to keep Dr. appts. Yeah. Kept one.Look where it got me. Ignorance IS truly bliss.(no "catty" comments PLEASE--can't handle that right now).
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Many prayers and vibes headed your way
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My doctor wouldn't give me test results over the phone and made me come in to get them - so I figured maybe they had come back abnormal. But no, everything was just fine.

So prayers and that they just weren't really thinking, and that its nothing serious. to you!
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Many and prayers your way!

I was freaked over the weekend once because my dad had gotten and some test done and the doctor wouldn't tell us the result over the phone. He turned out to be fine, they just wanted to discuss future options. I hope all goes well for you and keep us updated!
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..:& prayers ..........
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My thoughts and prayers are with you as you wait until Tuesday to find out what's going on. Cuddle the catties and let them give you comfort.

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many many many vibes and prayers for you
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Prayers for good test results.
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that the test results are good, and the doctor's office simply didn't give a thought to it being a long weekend.
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I echo the others in that maybe the office was just following standard procedure and didn't stop to think.

Many vibes heading your way.

Cuddle your cats. I hope everything turns out for the best.
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Sending loads of your way. Hopefully, everything is fine, that calling and scaring you is just one of the many dumb things they do at a dr.'s office.
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Lot's of prayers and vibes coming your way...
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Prayers and vibes for good news at the doctor's office. Waiting and not knowing is the worst.
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thinking of you. Let us know when you hear anything.

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Just wondering if there was any news?
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I pray for anyone that asks plus lots of people who don't. My prayers are with you. I had a problem with my liver show up on CT and I know how scary it is. Please keep us updated.
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First of all- THANK YOU ALL for your well-wishes & prayers, b/c they really mean a lot to me! Got results. Have to go for some MORE tests! (this is REALLY getting old)! They said they can't figure out why what showed up-well-showed up! I'll just do what I usually do--block it all out until next time! This is why it's taken me so long to get back here. I have tests from now until mid-October-so... Actually, I worry So much about my kitties. No one can take care of them like I do. My husband tries when I'm not doing well, but he just doesn't do what I do! I'm gonna get real here, if there's really bad news, I'm seriously considering putting them to sleep. I just KNOW they wouldn't be taken care of properly. I KNOW they're happy, & I FINALLY got one to eat right, & I KNOW my husband(though he DOES love them too), just wouldn't care for them like I do. They are spoiled. VERY spoiled!
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Honey, first of all don't panic. I went through the same thing when I went for my first mammogram. I went through a series of tests that had nothing to do with my boobs, and the next thing I know I get a call from my gyno telling me I had to go in for a breast biopsy. What the doctor's office DIDN'T tell me that if this is your first test, they need to find out if something that looks wrong is just "normal" things wrong or a problem That sounds weird, I know, but that have to identify base problems so they know what to look for in the future.

I spent a week thinking I had a lump in in my breast and in my mind, I was going to die. It turned out to be a calcium deposit, but they have to get the base line imagine and know what they were dealing with so they can compare that to future scans.

It's scary....believe, I know. Actually my...ummm..."boob" doctor (I have no idea what to call her) was pissed off at my gyno for not explaining what was going on.

I am starting to hate going to doctors because it means more tests. But, at the same time, I'm grateful to my PCP because he knows there are things he doesn't know, and he is willing to try to get to the answer.

Just breathe, and relax. Many going out to you.
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