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It's SUCH a hard decision! I've made it very clear to hubby we're not giving them away to random people he meets through work, but people we know & trust. I don't know what is going to happen though, there are SO many cats around here looking for good homes. I know my sister REALLY wants one of them but one of her roommates is very allergic - I'd love for her to have one though!

5 cats though *sigh* is ALLOT of cats & it would be around $500 just for us to fix all 3 of them. Plus our dog still needs to get done so we're look at $1000 for neuter/spays + basic vaccinations for the kittens (I only do first years, and Peaches still needs to be done). So if I win the lottery I'll let you guys know...

Then again Lucas is getting REALLY attached to the kittens, I don't know WHAT we're going to do .

(I have tried to find a local cheap spay/neuter but can't find one, please PM me if you have any ideas!!)

I love them both very much but I want them to have the best possible home, and that may not be with us.
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Freshly Laundered Kittens!!

Pink in front

Finally a nice picture of Peaches!

Mango beating up mom for lunch!

Mango, he's trouble!

Mango doesn't like the flash

Peaches & Mango

Pink in back.

Sorry not too many of pink this time, she's sulking! . I wish I had extra hands so I could get a picture of me blow drying her, she'll just sit in my hand while I blow dry her tummy looking like she's at the spa!
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Lucas and I were downstairs colouring & I thought I had locked the kittens into their new home quite well... apparently not!!

I heard this strange "mew" "THUMP" "mew" "THUMP" noise, it was Mango. Coming down the stairs one by one backwards!! (smart kitten) His mom was upstairs I don't know WHY he wanted to come downstairs, I guess he's just exploring.

I went upstairs, got pink (who was happily cuddled in their kennel by herself) brought her down, and got the camera...

Mango goes for the home-made felt ball

So cute he's playing now! (mango)

Wrestling Kitties! (pink in front)

Arrr, got yah Pink!
(pink in front)

Mmmm tail...
(Pink in front)

Cut that out!
(pink in front)

Nom, nom, nom
(pink left)

Pink, not sure what she was saying here!

Mango found something interesting

ok so maybe he's a little cross-eyed (Mango)

But he's still cute!

Tasha's not impressed...

Mango on the hunt!

Tasha meets Mango.

Snarling at the tiny kittens!! I just don't understand you Tasha (although Miss Kitty has the same reaction).

Mmmmm, baby toes! (Mango)
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Pink considered going for the ball

Pink, how cute is this kitten??


They are both passed out in the middle of the living-room now
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I want all 3 of them!!
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They are adorable!

I think I forgot to reply to your other thread again but the staining on their faces is very normal....just kitten face
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ooh my gosh! They look like little chicken feet! I KNOW about suprises! I took in a stray 5 yrs ago that I THOUGHT was a KITTEN-a few weeks later I awoke to her screaming under the head of my bed-GIVING BIRTH!! I have one of that litter(my Blue) and ANOTHER from her NEXT litter (my Cooper) I did not know they could get pregnant while nursing! No worries-they are ALL spayed & neutered now. Unfortunately, baby cat-the mom, died some months ago. I was forced to give her up after her last litter. She only lived 4 houses down though. But they made her a strictly inside kitty.(she was out-then-in/out& then-in-but had a great home and 2 of her babies with her plus a couple more other ones brought in afterwards. Love my neighbor for having such a great heart!
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Thats ok sam, someone mentioned it I guess most of the kitty pictures around here are fosters so they don't have it. I'm a little worried about Mango's eyes, but he's more adventurous then pink so presumably he can see .

Oh Pink & Mango were DEFINITELY a little surprise! But a nice one, I'm SO glad there are only 2; even with out the fleas, I don't know how anyone takes care of more kittens!

They are starting to poop in one spot in their kennel so I'm getting hubby to clean out the little litter to put it in there (preggo can't touch the litter :S).

I just can't believe how different their little personalities are! Mango is so outgoing and adventurous, Pink is so quite and reserved.

Mango & Pink were still downstairs when hubby came home. He sat down to tell me about his day and Mango came toddling over... hubby says "Ok, we may have to keep one of these kittens..." Mango! He'll get you!!
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Ready for more adorable-ness???

Pink doesn't quite run around as much as her brother, so all I got was him today.

There was a toddler involved...
Kittens + Truck = BEST GAME EVER!! (he was being VERY gentle & we've finally learned to pick up kittens with two hands!!).

What are you doing in there??

Nom, Nom, Nom
I want to be a barn kitty!

Mango running about

Mango chewing on the baby's blanket

Mango kicking up his heels.

This barn is just my size!

Mom watching everything from the saftey of the couch
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They are all so so sweet!!! Did I mention Gigi needs a brother????
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