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Peaches' Pink & Mango

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Peaches is the little five month old kitten we adopted about a month ago. Little did we know she had a BIG surprise in store for us! Peaches was not only too young to have kittens, she didn't show until about a week before. There is a good lesson in there somewhere. Anyway, here are her 2 adorable kittens we named "Mango" and "Pink" (and it's Pink as in the Aerosmith song FYI). Mango is a boy, he has more defined markings then his sister.

Moments old:

Day One (Pink left):

Day Four (Mango left in both):

They are getting cuter by the minute!!!
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How precious! Looking forward to watching them grow up!
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They are adorable!!!!!!
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Actually, I think they're getting cuter by the second. lol
It's going to be so much fun to watch them grow up.
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They are so cute. I love there little pink noses
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They are darling! I agree it will be fun watching them grow up here!
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Well... you certainly got more than you bargained for. The babies are adorable. Another reason to do pediatric spay/neuter. A kitten that young can and obviously did have a heat and mated.
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They are adorable. Good luck to you, the kittens, and Peaches. I can't wait to watch all of them grow.
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What adorable kittens. Moma's not bad either!
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We're still fighting the fleas so everyone had a bath again today (2 on Pink, 0 on Mango & Mommy again). It's amazing how different Pink & Mango's personalities are!! Mango is totally chill with the bath, he just lays in my hands like it's a hot tub . Pink screams her little head off the entire time I try to bathe her! As soon as she's an inch out of the water she's squirming everywhere to try to get away. Peaches just sort of takes it, it's easy bathing a pregnant cat, just rub their udders & they melt in your hands!! (I can relate on that one).

(that's pink's head you can see)

Pink now has her right eye open just a smidgen & I think I saw her left trying to open a little during the bath. Mango's aren't open at all. Both kitten are starting to fill out though! Their ears have popped up and their whiskers are getting longer so they are really getting cute! MAN ARE THEY FAT THOUGH!!! I guess only having a single sibling is a real bonus when you're a kitten and mom has LOTS of milk to go around .

I LOVE Pinky's name but every time I call her I have to start singing...
...Pink 'cause you are so very
Pink it's the color of passion
`Cause today it just goes with the fashion
Pink it was love at first sight, yea
Pink when I turn out the light, and
Pink gets me high as a kite
And I think everything is going to be all right
No matter what we do tonight...
We may have to change it

If we ever have any abandoned babies I know exactly who they will go to. Kayla is the most unbelievably sweet and gentle aunt to the babies. She is always running into their room just to check on them. Snuffing them ever so gently so she won't disturb them when they are sleeping, or licking them softly when they cry. It's undeniably adorable!!

Kayla is the exact same way with our son. If their weren't so many unwanted puppies in the world we'd definitely let her have a litter of her own, she'd be the greatest doggie-mommy there every was!

...Pink is my favorite crayon, yeah
Pink it was love at first sight
Pink when I turn out the light
Pink it's like red but not quite...
I'd keep singing, but you know, family site!
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Oh & Pink is on top of Mango in the last picture (don't worry, even hubby can't tell them apart like I can ). That's the way it ALWAYS is, using her poor brother as a pillow!
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(yesterday but I was busy).

(Mango is higher up)

I told you guys they were getting fat!! I guess when you have nothing to do all day except sleep, eat & be adorable a few extra pounds are inevitable!

Both of Pink's eyes are fully open & Mango has one and a half now. They are looking more & more like real cats every day.

Mango left Pink right.


Apparently he was HUNGRY!!! Silly woman was poking at them and taking pictures of them on her laundry pile!
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Ohmy goodness, I need things to make me smile.....keep those precious pics coming! Would love to see more of the mommy kitty too!
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All the pictures of Peaches' have that "GET ME OUT OF HERE!" look on her face She's far cuter then that, I'll try to snap a couple on one of her rare breaks from the kittens.

They are 12 days old now so I moved them into the dog kennel so they can have a little more room to stretch their legs .

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Originally Posted by Nes View Post
All the pictures of Peaches' have that "GET ME OUT OF HERE!" look on her face She's far cuter then that, I'll try to snap a couple on one of her rare breaks from the kittens.

They are 12 days old now so I moved them into the dog kennel so they can have a little more room to stretch their legs .

are we missing some pics of these sweeties????
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Oh! I thought MY computer just stoped loading them properly :S I don't know what happened to the rest of that post!!! Let me try that again.
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They are 12 days old now so I moved them into the dog kennel so they can have a little more room to stretch their legs.

Much more convenient! They'll be able to get over the lip in another week or two and I'll put some cardboard in the door then.

Everyone hunkered down for a snack.
So there is a good one with Peaches in it

Both have their eyes fully open now! Pink (left) Mango (right) and they are starting to explore their tiny world.

Mango (top) & Pink (bottom) snuggled up together after a hard work-out!

Mango trying to figure out this walking thing, "which leg goes first again?"

Mango (left) and Pink (right) are getting the FATTEST little bellies and they are growing like weeds!

Pink (left) and Mango (right) they are just the cutest little buggers. Hubby's new mantra is "Now sweetie you know we can't have 5 cats" and I say "yes, five cats sure would be allot..." and continue cuddling the little kitties!!

Our son LOVES them too!!! He's always trying to pick them up & cuddle, which of course, he's only allowed to do under strict supervision since he's 16 months old . However, we woke up from his nap early today, and got out of his room (sneaky boy!). I was downstairs when I heard some weird noises upstairs, it sounded like the kittens crying but was so loud I didn't think it could be them! So I did a quick dog & cat count then decided it must be the kittens.

Well, Lucas is standing at the top of the stairs in his PJs holding Pink upside down and Mango right side up, very gently mind you! And both kittens were just SCREAMING their little heads off! . They are both just fine, Lucas was very gentle, I'm sure he just wanted to bring them downstairs with him . I replaced the gates, both in front of the kitten's room & in front of Lucas' room .
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Could this little kitty family be any cuter???? Thanks....I so need this.
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Awwwww...!! they are getting so big so fast!! They are all absolutely adorable. Thanks for keeping us updated with pics!
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So I warmed up & put down some solid food for mom since she's been feeling lousy. Pink & Mango DOVE head-first straight into the food it was HILARIOUS! I'm sorry I don't have any of them eating (ALWAYS forget to switch my camera settings ) but I do have a few of the aftermath!


Mango mostly just lapped up the juices but Pink went straight for the meat ; and neither of them have any teeth yet! So she was just gumming away at the food, it was very very funny.

Mango in front

Pink on right

Mango in front

Aunty Kayla thinks the kittens need cleaning!
Pink on right, Mango left.

Mango's "I'm Dirty!" face

Pink going straight for mom, Mango closer to us.

Here comes mom to save the day! After all that real-meat deliciousness they tucked into a meal with mom too! Greedy, greedy little kittens - but that's why they are growing SO fast!

(That's is Peaches' "Get Me OUT of Here!!!!" face btw...)

Actually the kittens did a really good job of cleaning themselves off! I don't think Peaches had to do too much. It was pretty funny watching them lick themselves then each other, like "mmmm, you're delicious Pink!"
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Oooh my my !! How adorable. I especially love the pic of Mango opening his mouth. Oooh and when he got the food on his mooshie . Soooo cute. I'm just glad I've got two kittens running around infront of me or else I might have started gettin broodie !
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The Pic of Auntie Kayla reminded me so much of our cocker spaniel Rex (yes, a male) who helped Mom and me hand raise 2 kittens who lost their mother when they were 4 days old. Rex took the night shift and would check on them if he heard them moving.
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It's just in some dogs male or female to be that nurturing and Kayla is definitely one of them . She was actually just licking Peaches' dirty bum but I'm sure it made Peaches feel better. I was just thinking we should have named her Florence

It's amazing too that we got her from a couple who were living in the city (postage-stamp backyard) and the wife was on bed-rest at 5 months pregnant so they didn't think they could care for Kayla any more. Plus she was a 9 month old collie x collie mix in the middle of the city! We are actually her 4th home, I can't believe any of those people would give her up!! She is the BEST dog I have ever had! Even giving our son doggy-back rides . Plus she's a wicked herder for not having any training (long story involving horses, it was very funny). I love my Kayla

Madison is on the left, Kayla the right
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Partly because they are so darn cute, or maybe just because it's so good to see Peaches eating again .

When her tummy still hurt so she's sitting quite stiffly.

Pink chowing down

Pink, 'mmmm that's good stuff!'

Pink, the kittehs all dirty!

Why I love my Mango, no one can resist that little face!

Pink giving mom a hard time, at least human moms aren't the only ones that have to be jungle-gyms!
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I can't believe they are 4 week old already!! They just had a bath and a blow-dry so the were looking extra cute for their photo-shoot .



It's so cute now they can move their ears!!

Mango is like Mom Peaches, he's can't meow properly. Hubby thought he was hissing at him

Mango Left, Pink Right.

Love the look on Pink's face!! "SHUT UP ALREADY!!!"

Pinks "Ah! The dog is sniffing me!"

Pink just being adorable.

Madison loves the kittens too!

Pink front, Mango back.

Mango front, Pink back.

They are SO cute toddling all over the place now!!
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Oh.my.goodness. They are the cutest things ever! I can't believe how much they've grown. So so so adorable. Keep posting.
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awwwww i love seeing them eating with the paws in the food mucky lil things hehe and mango with the open mouth trying to chat away just far to cute
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Too much cuteness, can't stand it....
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They've gotten so big and progressively cuter! It's amazing how fast they grow.
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They are tooo adorable...Are you planning on convincing DH to let you keep Pink and Mango....;o) I know if I had them I wouldnt be able to resist those adorable smooshie faces...
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