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What's your cat's greatest trick??!?

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Hi guys!
I'm Jessie; I'm new here with my kitty Tucker who is watching the screen as I type. I'm a child therapist in the mental health field and my kitty Tucker is my unofficial therapy kitty at work. He accompanies me to work each day and really helps me in the work I do with children. He loves to go out on the boat with us and really enjoys going to the beach and digging in the sand.

I took him in as a 3 week old, starving little furball who the vet said "might not make it," yet he has become a healthy, strong, super affectionate kitty who I would do anything for. Not a day goes by that I don't laugh at something he has done.

As this is my first time here, I wanted to ask you all what is the neatest/funniest trick or activity that your cat does?

I look forward to hearing everyone's answers!

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Hi, my cat Ku Ku does few tricks, some aren't quite what cats supposed to do,
such as throw & fetch(yes).
Related to it, she also chases & attacks moving-objects(eg. insects) if I say "get it!". Then she brings it over to me once she catches it.
She usually drops it off when I say "OK", also understands if I say "wait". Another thing she does is, if I tap where I sit(on chair or couch) & say "jump" or "come up here", she does a jump

Although this is not a trick, Ku Ku occasionally follows me around like a puppy. My friends think that I got "a puppy-cat".
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My cat Kinky used to put his face when I'd ask him if he wanted a kiss and I'd kiss one cheek and then tell him "other side" and he'd turn his face and let me kiss the other cheek. Super cute! He doesnt really do it any more though.

Welcome to TCS!
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Not sure if it is a trick or not but...Alley can appear suddenly out of thin air and pounce or spring on me! She does a kind of wild obstacle course through the house;leaping from anything she can climb onto or jump to.Pretty crazy to watch!
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Fatman is an expert theif. He can come out of nowhere while eating dinner and if we are sitting at the couch eating you can be doing something not paying attention and the next thing you know your missing a piece of chicken mashepotatoes and some veges. LOL..But if you go to watch all youll see is a white paw coming up the side of the coffee table and just swipe anything off your plate. After this has happened the first time he now gets his own plate to eat off of so he doesnt ruin our dinners anymore!
GiGi has figured out that when a new person is at the house if she comes out and does her sweet kitty act shes got someone new to fart on. Needless to say most of the people who have come over are warned extensivley that if you pick her up to pet her be prepared cuz she can clear a room with one boofer!
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He he ! Daisy's best trick is playing fetch the straw! Or well any toy really but i will throw it,she will bring it back to me to throw again! But over time i have taught her to sit and wait,as she used to try and snatch it out of your hand! So now, when i say to her sit,wait, she actually sits down and waits for me to throw it again! It doesn't matter where i am in the house,she will bring the toy/straw to me!

Tabitha's best trick is, if i tap the end of my nose, she will kiss it. Wet noses!!
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My little one Squeak (abt. 4 mos.) will lie on her side and play "injured kitty." She pulls herself along the carpet with her front legs while dragging the rest of her body. I've never seen another cat do this! She is so funny!!
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Muddy's best trick is to leap in the air and expect me to catch him. He does it without warning, and fortunately, I've never missed the catch. I had to drop a sandwich I was eating one time to catch him - the dogs loved it.
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Danny fetches. And Harvey is starting to learn from watching Danny.
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Domino fetches.
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My Cookie retrieves,or fetches,but she has her special toys only that she'll do that with.Ya' know the Brach's bulk chocolates that come in the flavors of orange,raspberry,vanilla and fudge?She absolutely knows when some come in the house and will not leave you alone until you wad a wrapper up and pitch it.I've often thought she has a thing for chocolates!Throw a plain paper wad and she looks at you and talks like she's asking "are you nuts Mom?Where's the chocolate?"She will play for hours with you if you let her.
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Darcy will take a perfectly made bed and turn down the covers so she can make a nest.
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If Fritos had thumbs he would open He thinks it's his right to come into the bathroom when there is a human in there (acutally he knows it means someone will splash a little water in the tub so he can get a fresh drink) anyhow it's not unusual in this house to be in the bathroom and hear the doorknob rattling, sometimes it is one of the kids but many times I'm home alone and open the door and Fritos is sitting outside the I've watched him do it when others are in the bathroom and he actually stands up and uses both paws to grab at the doorknob. He's no dummy, he knows how to open the door, just lacks those darn opposable thumbs.

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Ophelia, Trent and Ginger Cookie don't really have tricks. They don't need to do anything special to get what they want.

Mojo will "sit nice" to get treats. This was borne from necessity. She gets so excited when it's treat time that she would climb me, eat treats from my hand (not when offered, when i was still getting them) and nibble fingers, eat all the other cats' treats...yeah, a real brat. So we worked on "sit nice" for her to get her treat and it's helped some.

Annie's "trick" are to a) get away with almost anything and b) even though she's the youngest she has been teaching Trent (the oldest) how to be naughty. She's got that super-cute thing going on, and she uses it to her advantage. Trent has always been a super good boy. He just doesn't, or didn't, know how or try to be naughty. Now Annie has been teaching him bad habits. The other three girls never taught him bad habits (Ophelia is a good girl, but Ginger and Mojo are brats too ), just Annie.
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In our old house Tiger learned to flip the light switch on and off. One night I woke up to him doing that and it really scared me! All i could see was the light in the hallway turning on and off... um ghost?!! I finally got up enough nerve to see what was going on and there he was... all wide eyed and bushy tailed... hyper as can be... talking up a storm trying to make sure i knew what he could do... he's such a stinker!
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It's not a trick, but Speck chatters when he sees something exciting. I love to hear him.
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My male Mau will jump up into my arms when I bend over to pick him up. My female Mau fetches like a dog.
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Ari can instantly teleport from wherever a crash is heard to another part of the house.
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My cat Tora fetches certain toys when she's in the mood. Both kitties jump through a hoop on command, sit up, spin, target, touch an object with their paws, crate up and sit on a scale on command. We're working on meowing on command and rolling over. Yes, I really do spend time training my cats...
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Snoopy would chase a marble all over the floor, then pick it up. He'd just put his paw down on it, and catch it between his pads, pick it up, lick it, and then "throw" it again.
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Maggie retrieves my wet washcloth when I throw it down the laundry chute in the morning. She doesn't bring up anything else, at any other time of the day......just the cloth that I use that morning, while it is still wet.
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Originally Posted by Sohni View Post
My male Mau will jump up into my arms when I bend over to pick him up. My female Mau fetches like a dog.
Zeuss will jump into my arms on command. Here's a vid of him performing.
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Originally Posted by faybio View Post
Zeuss will jump into my arms on command. Here's a vid of him performing.
Wow, that's awesome! What a cool cat
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Thanks. He is bad ass, so smart. I'll have a few more tricks soon, hopefully. (There are other videos of Zeuss on youtube, under my Faybio account. Jumping feats, mostly IIRC.)
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Jack will spin in a circle on command. He also fetches and sits on command. Harley only responds to spanish.

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