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Why Did My Kitten Throw Up?

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My kitten, Boo, is 10 months old. She is very spoiled, very well and nourishly fed twice a day with 2 treats a day as well. Last night she threw up for the first time. I'm thinking it has to be 1 of 2 things that happened. First, she ate a bit too much catnip - the top was open and she helped herself, and second, I left an open packet of soy sauce on the counter that dripped to the floor - I saw her lapping it up. Could either of those or both of those caused her to get sick? It was a very thick concoction and she was back to zipping around the house playing right afterwards. Thanks for your help on this!
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It could have been the soy sauce. Did she vomit her food? Has she eaten since then without throwing up? If so, then she's probably fine. Soy sauce is pretty salty/strong stuff. I can definatley see it upsetting a cats stomach.
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The scenario you just painted leads me to believe that the soy sauce probably did her in- I would watch her and see if she throws up again. Soy sauce is very salty and oily. I would also elevate her food bowl for awhile- use a telephone book and set her bowl on that, this will relax her throat when she eats and stop her from gulping food (a common thing cats do) I would also see if you could push fluids on her, by dribbling tuna juice or canned cat food juice in her waterbowl to encourage her to drink.
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Thanks - I bet you are right about the soy sauce. Actually, as much as she loves catnip, I don't see where it makes her "high" like I read about. She bounced right back after getting sick and finished her food dish. I like the suggestion of raising her food bowl - I always feel like she must be uncomfortable. :-)
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Did it look like food she threw up or a wad of hair? If she is a long hair cat, the age of 10 months is when they usually start the "coughing up a hairball "
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I've wondered about the hairball thing but not sure what it will look like. She is a short-haired tabby, though, so maybe she won't have that problem. Whatever it was, it was very thick and light brown - so thick that I had no problem getting it off the carpet.
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Even short hair cats get hairballs, especially this time of year when they are all shedding in expectation of the warmer weather to come. The tiny barbs on a cat's tongue are capable of pulling up a lot of hair when they groom themselves.
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I second what Hissy said! My cats have been shedding even more than usual lately! They get brushed at least once a week, we're thinking we need to bump that up to two or three times a week until the winter coats are gone.
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So what will a hairball throw-up look like? Is it all hair? Does it look like what I described earlier?
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It usually looks like a big hairy caterpillar with no legs and food thrown in... sorry for being so graphic
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Good discription Hissy! And it is the color of the Hair
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Well now that is gross but at least I'll know when I see something hairy on the floor that it's just throw-up and not a creepy critter.
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To be extra gross, some of my cats will hock up a hairball which at a distance looks just like a turd! This doesn't happen often, but when I see one of these I always freak thinking that the cat pooped on the floor. I'm always releived to find that it is "just" a slimy hairball.

Of course, hair balls are best when stepped on with bare feet in the middle of the night!
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I was just going to say that Renae! Granted, my two are a black and a black & white, but it does look like a poo, especially if there isn't much food with it.
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Well, now I'm wondering if it is hairballs. She did it again sometime last night because I woke up to find 2 more spots on my carpet where she threw-up. It is brown and very thick - so thick that it barely leaves a stain on the carpet because I can pick it up so easily. Should I worry?
post #16 of 19 sounds like partially digested food to me. I would keep an eye on her and if she barfs again like that you might want to talk to the vet just to be sure.
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Thanks - I sure will. Now I'm worried.
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It is brown and very thick - so thick that it barely leaves a stain on the carpet because I can pick it up so easily
See, now that sounds exactly like Sam's hairballs. He usually vomits a few times first, when he is having trouble, and after a day or two, we get a hairball. And that is what it looks like. The regurgitated food is much more liquid, and usually leaves a stain.

You could be like me, and actually take one in to the vet and ask to be sure.
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Thanks - I think I will for peace of mind - especially since I'm adopting a new kitten in less than 2 weeks.
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