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Skin "sores" - WHAT IS IT?

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I am hopeing that some one might have an idea what these skin sores are. I recently purchased a beautiful 11 month old pure Persian with a terrific pedigree from the states to add to my breeding program. When he arrived he was not well. He had a severe URI and was put on zithromax for it. His URI is now gone. He also developed an open sore on the back of his neck that was caused by a infected tissue mass that surfaced after he begun the antibiotics for his URI. The vet feels a tom cat had tried to breed him at his last home which caused two bite wounds, one of which healed and the other became infected and caused the infected mass. It had to be removed via surgery and has healed up well.

When he arrived there was a concern that he maybe had ringworm. The vets don't see any idication of it and the hair pluck test came back negative. We also sent away a fungal culture, it has been two weeks and although the results are not yet in the vets office called the lab and we have been told that so far there is no sign of rinworm. (YAH!). I have been bathing him in anti fungal and he also had two doses of PROGRAM two weeks apart as a precaution.

BUT... he has sores and I am not sure what they are. The vet feels they are maybe a skin infection. Others have said maybe a staph infection (are they the same thing?). Until the fungal culture results are in the vet obviously does not want to treat him. I have been warned by other breeders that any steroids are anti inflamatories can cause fertility problems??

These sores seem to scab over. They are located on his back (two I have seen so far) and on his tail. I also noticed a small one on his head when he arrived.

You may ask WHY I would want to keep him. Well, these problems are all things that can be treated and this boys pedigree is FANTASTIC. Exactly what I need in my program.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Allergies of some sort???

Maybe food allergies? I hope the vet figures something out soon, poor baby!

BTW, it sounds like he came to you with alot of issues... maybe I am missing something, but does his breeder have a reputation for giving out sick cats?

Good luck, poor fellow looks rough!
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