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calici virus

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I have five indoor only cats. The youngest three are siblings, are five years old and were terribly infected with the herpes virus when they were kittens. They probably also had the calici virus as well. Only one was treated with antibiotics and that's when she was three. So for two years the only symptoms any of them have had are occasional sneezing in the spring and fall (mainly October).

Recently, two of the cats have had sneezing and sniffling. One of those has since developed a beige-ish discharge from the corner of his eye and has developed horribly bad breath. The third cat has a sore/ulcer on her lip. I can't tell if she sort of bit her lip during play or if it's part of the calici virus. My oldest two cats aren't displaying any symptoms.

I found out that one of my relative's cats recently had to go to the vet due to a respiratory infection. I'm thinking it was the calici virus rather than herpes because of the severity and symptoms. Based on the date that their cat was ill, the dates my cats became ill, and the dates I was exposed to the relative, I'm thinking the virus was spread to my cats through clothing. That's the only thing that makes sense right now. How likely is it that my cats got sick from my relative's cat? Or could this all be a huge coincidence?

I plan on calling the vet this week if things get worse. I wanted to wait a few days to see if things would clear up on their own.
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Have you had your kitties tested for Herpes using the Real PCR URD test to know for sure they have the virus or are you and the vet just guessing based on the symptoms? Often, the various symptoms of herpes are the same as for an URI. If you've tested and know your kitties are FHV+, then you know that they will always have the virus and there are many triggers to a flare up. The virus can also lay dormant and you'll never see any symptoms if the cat is a carrier.

Having said that, it's most likely that you carried the infection your sister's cat has home (if you've visited) and it's caused either the same infection in your cats or something similar. I know my Hannah's herpes causes her URIs to be more severe and longer lingering than is normal. The kitty with colored eye discharge and the one with the ulcer (most likely a rodent ulcer) need to see the vet ASAP.

If they do have herpes, you'll want to avoid steroids and as much grain in their food as possible. Also, are you giving them Lysine? If not, you'll want to start that now. I'd give at least 500mg a day, if not 1000 mg a day since they're showing symptoms of something (herpes or URI).
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