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Question of the Day Sept 6th

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Morning All!!!

Today's question is:

Have you ever attended a school reunion of yours. This could include Grade School, High School, College or University?

I have actually attended 2. The first was for my the 50th anniversary of my Grade school. This one was really fun because growing up in a small town at one point almost everyone attended the grade school for at least 8 years. So it was more like a home town reunion then a class reunion.
The 2nd was my graduating grade 13 class from high school. Again growing up in a small town I had literally attended school with this group for 14 years so everyone knew each other very well.
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Nope. I've never attended any sort of reunion for my schools...although, to be fair, no school I've gone to has helda reunion of any sort since I've been out.
As to whether I'd go or not if one was held, I really don't know. It would depend on the school.
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Nooooo. I talk to the people I still want to see on facebook all the time, the rest of them, I couldn't care less!
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nope! barely talked to anyone in high school they were all jocks and snobs in their clicks and i was the weird one, so i couldn't care less what they are up to now!
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I attended my 10th year high school reunion (class of over 600 people). What a complete waste of time!! I was newly divorced at the time and told people that when they asked if I was married, then got hit upon by every last single guy in the place. And they weren't polite about it - they were extremely blunt, and I wondered why they never gave me the time of day when I was in school with them.

The woman who organized it hated me in school. I sent her my check (it was cashed), and filled out the bio forms to include in the booklet they compiled. When I got there, she claimed she had never received anything from me and demanded that I pay for the dinner a second time ($80) and would refund the money if I sent her a copy of the canceled check. And of course my bio was missed in the book, which made me mad because I was somewhat of a deadbeat in school and was proud of the career that I was in (bragging rights). Did some people never change and why hold a grudge 10 years later?

They started to play the music from our era, and the people who wanted to dance yelled at the DJ and asked to play more fun songs - our generation had lousy dance music during those years.

I ran into 1 person that I really wanted to see that I had lost touch with. That was the only redeeming part of the evening.

I will never go to another one again.
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Good Question Susan!...
Unfortunately nobody make the attemp about , just only some few with some close of primary school meetings but there are just a few of schoolmates.... nothing biggest...
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I only attended my 5 yr reunion. I was newly married and wanted to show off DH. I had planned on attending a couple others but never had the money. I might attend my 35th reunion if they have one.

I really have no interest in seeing those people. I wasn't teased all through school (grade school on up). I might want to meet up with a few that I have contacted on Facebook, but that is about it.

I am more interested in meeting up with a few friends from The Solid Rock Foundation, a Christian Coffee House (we didn't serve coffee, that was the 70's term for a place for people to gather for music and Bible studies) that I attended in the late 70's. The building burned to the ground in June 78. The place basically exploded out into the street. I had been standing out in front about an hour before talking to friends. Except for the Grace of God, I wouldn't be here today. The Fire Marshall said the fire had been smoldering in the walls for several hours all through the concert we had that evening. If it had broken out then, there would have been over 100 people killed. No one was killed and that is the blessing.

We hope to meet up with a couple on Friday of this week.
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I went to my 25th high school reunion (class of '77.) It was the first reunion I'd gone to, and it will most likely be the last. It was the same bunch of self important, snobby cliques that I couldn't stand in high school. Since I work in the O.R., with a plastic surgeon, it was kind of fun to sit and mentally tally all of the plastic surgery that the women have had.

I've remained very close with my two best friends from high school, so I don't really have any reason to waste my time at another high school reunion in the future.
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I went to my 10th 3 years ago and had a lot of fun!
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Just last month I was contacted about my 30th one being held next year.

We have a two day event Friday night is usually the best its just at a local bar then the more "formal" one Sat evening. Typical rubber chicken type of food but sometimes different people attend this one.

They are usually not to boring. I don't have very much contact with any high school mates so its kind off interesting!
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I attended the 25th reunion of my grade school class and had a wonderful time. We'd attended an 8 year Catholic grade school, so we'd basically grown up together. I wish someone would put together another one.

My high school class has had several reunions and I haven't attended a single one. As others have said, I've kept in touch with the people I wanted to. The rest of them---couldn't care less.
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I went to the 5th and the 10th. The first one was Ok because it was so soon after graduation and I still knew some of the people.

At the second one I spent more time asking "who are you" and ended up talking more with the spouses of class mates then with them.

Over the years I have gotten notices of other reunions but it seems like the same small group of people go every time.
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No b/c the 10 year reunion for my school was very expensive and at the time hubby and I couldn't afford to shell out $100, just to end up eating less than what you would consider hors d'oeuvres. I'm sad I missed it though, b/c all of my friends were there, including every kid from my elementary class (except me) and they took a picture together. Hopefully I can catch the 20 year one.
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Nope. If there have been reunions, I have not been aware of them, and to be honest, I don't really care. My group of friends was small, and I really didn't care much for the rest of the people, so there are not many I'd be interested in reconnecting with, and I've better things to spend the money on.
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I went to my five year....boring, lol! Being from a small town I still see several of my classmates, and keep up with the ones I like on Facebook.....the only redeeming thing about going to the reunions for me would be to see which of the skinny-a$$ girls have gotten fat,(seeing as I was the "fat chick" in school).
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Originally Posted by Nes View Post
Nooooo. I talk to the people I still want to see on facebook all the time, the rest of them, I couldn't care less!
Same here.
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I haven't been to any reunions so far. I was invited to my 10th high school reunion several years ago, but I was living out of state and not worth the time off from work and travel expenses to go. I tend to think 10th reunions (especially high school reunions) are mostly about people trying to impress each other with their success. Since I'm back in town now, and will hopefully stick around for a while, I'll definitely consider going to the 20th.

As for my college, we had the 10th a few years ago, but again, it was out of state and I didn't have the money to travel up there. We're doing a 15th next May and I would be interested to go up there and see some of those folks. Unfortunately, I plan to be graduating from my latest schooling at about the same time, so I'm not sure that I can manage it.
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I went to my 10th and 20th but skipped the 30th. I've never had a lot of friends at any one time, just one or two very close friends, so I didn't talk to a lot of the people there.
No one had really changed: the jerks were still jerks, and so on.
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Never went to the 25th, was just too far to drive for one evening - I was racing in Edmonton, 10 hour drive - and there have been no more that I am aware of. It doesn't matter anyway, I see people I went to school with and graduated with almost every day, small town, not too many left and those of us that swore we would never come back are all back. Honestly, there is only one person I graduated with that I haven't seen since 69, and don't much care if I ever do
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No, reunions don't seem to be common over here.
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