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Wow - What a show!

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I am so tired today, but it was so worth it!

We got to see Heart in concert last night. We were 15th row, center. Let me tell you, those ladies can still rock! It was a little strange, though. Their guitarist was Gilby Clarke, formerly of Guns N Roses, and their bassist was Mike Inez, formerly of Alice In Chains and Ozzy.

It was such a great show. They did all their classics, many from the 80s (when I was into them ), and a few from the new ablum they are still working on. It was cool to see "legends" performing live.
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Heidi, I don't know the band but I'm so glad you had such a good time. There's nothing like a live performance!
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Live shows by a good band are the best! I don't go to many concerty, but I always have fun when I do. I remember some of their songs, they are pretty good. Nice to hear they can still rock.
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Wow, I haven't been to a concert in a Loonng time! I think the last one was Aerosmith in '98.
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That is soo cool!! I am glad you had a wonderful time!
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Let's see if I can refresh anyone's memory on their music. They were popular in the 70s and had a resurgance in the 80s. Some of their big songs were: Dog and Butterfly, Barracuda, Magic Man, These Dreams, Alone....

It really was a great show!

Here's what they looked like in the 80's:

And their biggest album of the 70s "Dreamboat Annie"

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I am glad you had a good time! I have 2 of their CDs - they are fantastic!
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I LOVED Heart in the 80's. I would love to see them in concert too! They are great...
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heart rocks! glad you had a good time!
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My favorite song from them was(I think it was called anyway) These Dreams. It was my Junior Prom theme. I'll never forget that. I was with a guy I thought I'd eventually marry. We'd been together for about 5 years by then. unfortunately he went into the service and came back a jerk and well, the rest it ancient history...
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Cool! Glad you enjoyed the concert, Heidi. My hubby loves 80s music.

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I LOVE Heart!!!!

I had 3 of their albums in the 80s and early 90s, and I saw them live around 1990 in London.

I was so jealous of the way they looked - both really stunning girls.

Heidi, how have they weathered, very well I bet!!!
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thats so cool!
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You lucky bum! Heart is one of my all time favorite. I also like Fleetwood Mac, Joan Jett and Lita Ford. Glad you got to see heart!

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