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behavioural change in my cat

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I have a cat whom is not normally a cuddly cat. She doesnt like you touching her tummy, picking her up or cuddling her unless she comes to you.

a few weeks ago she got outside on us. she was gone for a couple of hours.

for the past week she has totaly changed. she followes me around the house, meow's at me untill i follow her, cuddles up to me all the time, she even wakes me up in the middle of the night to make me follow her into my closet, or wherever she is going. I am even allowed to give her cuddles on her belly now. She is also eating things that she never used to like... like milk and yogert.( please forgive my spelling)

I have had other cats who are pregnant, and this is the sort of behaviour they have shown towards the end of their pregnancy, never in the begining.

She is not showing any other signs of being pregnant... maybe her tummy is a bit firmer.. but that is it. her nipples are the same, but otherwise she is the same.

Could she be pregnant? and if not... what could be the cause of the change in behaviour? should i be worried?

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Is she spayed? If not, she is probably pregnant yes as you apparently suspect. Or possibly, "pseudo-pregnant".
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If she is pregnant, it's still not too late to spay her! Please spay your cat as soon as possible.
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Sounds like she is in heat, and if not pregnant yet, will be soon. Please get her spayed as soon as possible! And don't let her out till you do
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I agree with the others. Please make an appointment to get her in to see the vet and get her spayed right away.
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you say she got out a few weeks ago, but last week you noticed a change. I tend to think she may be pregnant as well. I took in a stray once that I thought was a kitten-till she began giving birth under my bed at 8 in the a.m.! I kept her a
long while but had to give her up to a neighbor. I still have 2 of her kitties from 2 litters. (Yes- I was FINALLY able to get them both fixed-thank goodness)!
Got off track -sorry-actually my Cooper behaved the same way from the time she was 1st pregnant till about a month after she had hers, so don't be surprised...
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