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Injured Toe

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Of course I just noticed now....and my vets are not open til Tuesday now...They do have an emergency number if I really need it...He was limping when he came to eat...He has slept alot today and didn't even want outside...which is very unusual for him....Anyways..one of his back toe nails is in bad shape.....I can't tell if he has anything stuck in it or its just his nail...I have panolog cream here ,,,he got that when he has a cut between his toes this spring....I am not sure if I should use it or is there anything I can use on the toe to give him some relief...I can't really touch it much because it seems to hurt him alot...I was wondering if there is anything I can go out and buy to perhapes soak his toe in til I can get him to the vet ?
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I usually just use polysporin & a liquid bandage, it seems to work quite well. I think he'll be fine until Tuesday as long as you keep the area clean & dry. You may find he doesn't need to go to a vet, only if it's too big to close on it's own or infected.

You may want to tackle/wrap him in a towel to get a good look at his foot and find out what is going on. I'm sure it's just soar & thats why he didn't want out.

Hope he feels better soon!
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