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Squeak's spay appointment

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Squeak was born about May 15, give or take a week or two, as best as I can figure. She hasn't had any shots yet, and I have an appointment for her to be spayed on Sept. 14. The problem is that I will be out of town from Sept. 19 through 27th. Because I will be gone that week, I'm thinking I should cancel my appointment and make it for after I return.

My husband will be here, but he may be in and out. I hate thinking she is still recovering and I'm not here to watch over her. Am I being unreasonable?

My other question concerns shots. Dusty is an in/out cat, but Squeak is indoor only. Does she need shots? If so, which ones? Which ones should I avoid? When should she get her shots in relation to getting her spayed? Before or after?

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I can only answer the spay question and it's only my experience. All my females recovered pretty fast after the spay surgery. I guess it's because my vet can do the operation blindfold. My girls were okay after 3 days.
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My girls had their shots and spay the same day. Rusty bounced back quickly in a day, Dusty took 2-3 days. Your girl will be fine!
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She should be fine. Most young cats bounce back very quickly. I have had a few cats spayed and vaccinated at the same time. I don't recommend the FeLV vaccine for house cats, so just the combo (FVCRP) vaccine and the rabies vaccine should be given.
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Will they use dissolving stitches? How long after surgery before they are removed? I'm mostly concerned about her pulling out the stitches while I am gone.

Thanks for your answers!
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Originally Posted by Dusty's Mom View Post
Will they use dissolving stitches?
No one on here can answer this for you. You'll have to call your vet and ask this tomorrow because some vets prefer different methods.

Mine uses regular stitches and they have to come out roughly two weeks later (give or take a day). I was worried Siri would try to pull her stitches out, too, mostly because she will over groom a spot if it's bothering her - she tugged on a couple of them but that was it. Stitches stayed in place with no issues.

Honestly, I think you should trust your husband. Make sure he knows he has to check her belly each day and if it looks red, oozing anything, or there's stitches missing that he must get her back to the vet. I'm sure he can handle watching over a kitty. My DH is a little forgetful, but he checked Siri's belly without me asking him to and will take over feeding and litter box scooping if needed.
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Daphne's spay recovery was good but she was not. Had to wear the plastic collar until the stitches were out. She would go right for the stitches as soon as I tried to remove it

Most cats don't do this, thank goodness!
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