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Hi, Yes he was weighed.

He weighed in at only 434g (not quite 1 pound) which I was told is the expected weight for an average 4 week old. I would be interested to know if this is true but am trying not to worry too much as long as he keeps eating and getting more playful!
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"Average weight" can vary a lot, and a cat's actual weight can be affected a lot by the kitten's health.

For example, "Homer" in the new book "Homer's Odyssey" weighs only 3 pounds as a fully grown adult.
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one interesting point is, he is thus probably not severly undernourished 7 weeks, but rather a somewhat undernourished and neglected 4-5 weeks...

Which is very good in a way.

Did they told you a lie - if so, why?

Or were they simply bad at counting. Lost track of time, and instead of admiting it, said 7. Sounds better then several...
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StephanZ - that is an interesting point but I know how old he is, this is becasue as I mentioned the owner was my boyf's sister who only lives a few minutes walk away from my house so we see each other often out and about. She told me about the kittens on July 31st and told me they were ten days old at that point.

I have no doubt she might have forgotten how old they are now but I have been keeping track! But you might be right that she said ten days when it was actually only a few days or something - maybe he is a bit younger than we thought.

Either way he is doing much better and, asides from another quick call to the vet to ask about supplements we are very pleased with how he is doing so far, he is getting very inquisitive and we are having some success with drinking from a bowl and mushed up wet food now. Can't wait til he is feeding himself properly though as I am KNACKERED from getting up and down during the night to offer him food as he still won't eat unprompted, he will look for food but will literally walk right through a bowl of milk and keep looking unless I am holding it up to him. I am still giving him nightly baths which has just as much to do with getting the milk from his impromptu swimming sessions off of him as it does to do with how much he likes it!

Thank you all very much for your help and advice, I really couldn't have managed without it.
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Only just seen this topic big well done to you and your boyfriend for helping this guy pull through he looks like a handsome lil man
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Just remember those flea eggs are going to hatch so keep up the swims & combs

So glad to hear he is doing so well!!!
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I am glad things are going well with him, and it might be worth trying him on supermeat type kitten food rather than pouches - Whiskas do a kitten supermeat, and HiLife's kitten food is more pate style, as is Pets at Home's purely. They can also be mixed with kitten milk to make a slop. Good luck.
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Hi again, thanks for all the tips! So yesterday marked one week from Dollarhyde coming to us and there is SUCH a difference - he is now eating and drinking by himself - we are feeding him natures:menu wet kitten food (it is a smooth style - no chunks) and James Wellbeloved dry food. Turns out the pet shop near my work is sponsered/owned (not sure but all the staff have the logo on their shirts) by Royal Canin but unfortunately they didn't have the dry kitten food in stock and the lady instore recommended the natures:menu brand for wet food. On the advice of the vet we are still giving him goats milk for his main drink with liquid vitamins plus another supplement in tablet form crumbled onto his food to make sure he is taking the maximum amount of nutrients.

He's still a bit fussy with dry food but we are definitely getting there and there is a real difference in his weight/size and energy levels which have shot through the roof!

He's an absolute sweetheart and I know I wouldn't have coped without the advice and support I got here, the kitten might have made it but my nerves DEFINITELY wouldn't have survived!

I can't wait to post new pics soon but I am shattered from playing "eat everything in sight" for three hours and his nose is all dirty from him dunking it in his food...maybe tomorrow!
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Originally Posted by porce View Post
He's still a bit fussy with dry food but we are definitely getting there and there is a real difference in his weight/size and energy levels which have shot through the roof!
Dollarhyde may not ever get to a point where he likes dry food. Every cat is different, some like both wet and dry, some will only eat wet & won't think about touching dry, and vice versa.

I just read thru this thread and I think you did a great job seeing that this kitten got good care! I think you are great for caring so much about the health and care of you BF's sister's animals. She sounds a lot like my BF's sister. I wouldn't be surprised if she made a mistake in the age of the kittens or even lied about their age, to justify their size. I've also heard that fleas carry tapeworms and that could be part of the reason he was so small. Anyway, it's awesome that he is on the road to getting healthier!
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Yay!! So glad Dollarhyde is doing well and flourishing under your care and love.
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