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Mixed feelings about showing Cleo tomorrow

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I gave Cleo Royal Canin 33 which is suppose to be good for sphynx.
Then later that day she had hives all over her sides and paws.
The hives are gone now andi put her back on the Royal Canin kitten food until after the show.
Also I lost Smokey Sept 6th 2005 at age 11.
I almost lost Meeko on Sept 6th 2000 when she was 3 months old before I even had her but she lived.
My sisters kitten died that day.
I feel sad my Meeko lived and Mystique did not.
We found out Meeko had severe anemia and a heart murmur that day.
I almost did not enter Cleo in teh show but other people said I should.
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Yes you should. It will help cheer you up and you need to be in a positive mood for Cleo at the show. Cats pick up on owners feelings. Go and have a nice time and hope Cleo does well for you
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Jackie........ ............
It's going to be alright.........
You know, I have a theory.... It all boils down to how you wake up. If you wake up on a positive note, and happy, thinking positive thoughts, you are bound to attract positive things throughout the day... So tomorrow, wake up happy, it will be a fun day! for both of you! Hey, you never thought she would do well in shows, and there she is... stealing the hearts of the judges! Just wake up feeling positive, and knowing in your heart you will have a fun day.
And if something bad happens, don't blame it on the "evil day" - just rule it out as normal - hey, things happen, everyday, to all of us!
So, this way, hopefully by the end of tomorrow you will start a whole new trend of September 6th - of being a lucky day.
If it helps, In the morning, when you wake up, dedicate your day, and all you are going to do for Smokey and Mystique's memory, this way you need to do your best

Go there and have a blast! You DESERVE it!!!
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I had a similar situation in early august. I had entered Kuura to a show, and after that I lost someone very dear to me. The funeral was day before the show.. I thought that I just see how I feel in the show morning and decide then if I go to the show or not. I ended up skipping the show.. I felt horrible and got fever during the night.
Few weeks later we had another show, and I'm glad I skipped the first one because Kuura got very good results in the show we would have missed if we had gone to the earlier show. Next time I have to go to abroad to show him..!
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I am sorry for your losses. You need some good memories for that date, hopefully Cleo does well.
I am not impressed with Royal Canin personally.
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Thanks Everyone,
I do have a new sphynx coming the week of Sept 14th.
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Hope you have a good day Jacky
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Did Cleo do well today? I hope she behaved well for you.
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Her show is tomorrow.
How did Top Cat do?
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Originally Posted by mews2much View Post
Her show is tomorrow.
How did Top Cat do?
disappointing - see other thread

I hope Cleo does well tomorrow.
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Thanks she hashissed at judges before just because she was mad at the other cats there.
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Go ahead and have fun at the show. You need to start making good things happen on this date to counteract all the bad things.
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I am hoping to have a good day tomorrow.
They are having a a going away party.
The show hall is being torn down and this is the last Hayward show.
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