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Pics Finally

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Hi all, I've been gone so long you all probably dont remember me

Calvin and Hobbes are my cats and I finally got their photos on the web...

Sorry i havent been by much lately, been very hectic at work!

anyhow enjoy


(he's not really hanging there's a couch under his toes the little stinker)
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Sweet kitties!
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little cuties!
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I love the ones with their mouths open
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These pictures are just precious!!!
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Adorable! :
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Absolutely adorable! Looks like they keep you busy!

Tammie & Peaches
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Awww how CUTE! Are they twins? They look very much alike!
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Great Photos!
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The boys thank you for the praise

Yea twins as far as i can tell, i've studied their markings for differences but cant find any. Recently they started breaking their collars, they put their paws inside and snap the elastic. I took my hair trimmers and took a small notch out of calvins left haunch, not to the skin or anything just a little mark
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They're cute .
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Very Very cute!
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i remember you, Chris.. you welcomed my Isys to the site.

Thanks for sharing the pix, Chris! for your furbabies!

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