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Daily Thread Sept 5th

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Morning All

Looks like Snake_Lady(Chris) is MIA this morning so I guess I get to do the thread...

Cloudy and cool here this morning, looks like we are in for some rain before the day is out.
Have a couple of errands to run this morning and then am stopping by my aunts for a bit of a visit.
I promised I would pick up some things for her while shopping this morning.

Huge change in tourist this last few days, very few people around at all and it is nice to have our little town back to ourselves.

Have to stop by the video store also to see if I can find anything interesting for movie night tonight.

The kitties are all sitting in the window birdwatching. The geese are kicking up a fuss down at the river so that has attracted their attention.

Everyone have a good day
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We are going to our first block party in our new neighborhood! WOO! Breakfast starts at 10am and we drink, play cornhole, rockband and eat all day! I'm so excited!

This weekend is going to be so relaxing-nice 3 day weekend

OH! And 4 days til my birthday!
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Good morning. I'll be working around the apartment a bit -- changing sheets, washing dishes, etc -- and then I'm going to head over to my parents' house to wash my clothes. They're out of town, so I'll have to keep myself entertained while I'm over there. I may work on a program for work and read for pleasure a bit. If the UT game isn't on Pay-Per-View, I may watch a bit of that. Later tonight after I get back home, I'll watch a movie and probably drink a bit of wine with a friend.
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Had a tiring day of housework all day yesterday, so today I'm thinking of something more enjoyable to do. Just need to get moving...
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Got up early again this morning, my 2nd day of vacation. Was going to sleep in but since I went to bed early last night and slept like a log, I got up early. I have already went to the grocery store for the few items I needed. I wanted to go before it got too hot.

I need to do a load of laundry and dust, but that is it. DH will be doing the dishes in a bit.

And it isn't even 9am yet!
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Good Morning! I got like 5 hours of sleep last night, because I got home at 1:30am and went to the barn at 7am. I have work from 12-4 and then we are going for a BBQ at my grandparents and then heading over to watch my Universities football game against UC Davis. GO BULLDOGS!!!! Im tired but i am trying to be optimistic about today at work since last night was awful. Have a good day!
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Hello everyone, I'm in a bad mood because Tigger woke me up at 2 hour intervals and then at 3 am I discovered that instead of getting a 3 day weekend, I get a no-day weekend! Yean an employee had a "family emergency" surrrrrreeee........

ETA even better...I'm STARVING, and someone went and got burritos for everyone but me.
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Hi everyone!

Suny but decently cool here today. I'm pretty late because we decided to get a god start on painting the shutters this morning. Well...shutters are dryingon the back porch and DH is finshing up the trim on thier windows. We'll also be re-caulking some of the widows, but that can wait to tomorrow if we run out of day today.

...and well, that's been my day.
Wish I had something more excitng ot share, but it's very possibly the last nice dry long weekend of the year, so we're making use of it.

Hope everyone's having a great day.
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Hello All!!

Worked 6 am until noon then went to DSW and bought a couple of pairs of athletic shoes as my feet were hurting. It seems that I am burning through walking shoes fairly quickly-eek!!

Then came home ate, read the papers and took a nap. Finished reading my novel did a teeny bit of kitchen clean-up and here I am!

My nose is stuffy too but thankfully no headache (yet).
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