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Cat wont enter a room!

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Hi all..

We got a kitten last October when we moved into our flat who turned a year old in July and also have a kitten that is about 4-5 months old. We got him at the beggining of June. They are both males.
The oldest cat used to love sitting on a chair in our living room but since getting the kitten, he has gradually stopped coming in and now doesn't like even stepping into the living room. He will sit behind the metal carpet bar but will run out if you put him in there!
Have any of you experienced this? Any idea why? I must add that they are quite affectionate to each other (Although it was a completely different story at the beggining!), they occassionally play fight but nothing unusual, so I'm not sure that it's a territorial thing?!
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I'm sorry - maybe it's due to a lack of sleep, but I'm a little confused about the time line.

You moved into your flat in October and got a kitten then. He is now one year old. Just before he turned one, you got a kitten that is now about 5 months old. Introductions were rought, but they get along now. Between October and June (when you got the 2nd kitten), the older kitty liked to hang out in the living room. Since having gotten the second kitten, he does not.

When I saw the title of the thread and that you moved, the first thing that leapt to my mind was that the room has a ceiling fan in it. Many cats are scared of them when they are turned on.

But the timeline seems (if I understand it correctly) to coincide with having gotten the second cat.

On the other hand... it also coincides with summer. So perhaps there is a ceiling fan - and you turned it on in June?

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