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Catch a racoon

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My co-worker raises chickens and fowl and told me that if I bait my humane trap with marshmellows I will catch the racoon but the cats will not be tempted to go in. He employs cats as mousers but must get rid of racoons as they are detrimental to the poultry business.
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I don't know if marshmallows will attract the raccoon, but they won't attract cats. Given your co-worker has experience, I'd believe him and give it a try. What are you going to do with the raccoon when you trap it? There are usually more than one.
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I intend to release the coon or coons in a wooded area about three miles away. I used to hunt racoons there in the 1970's.

PS; I gave up hunting in 1985
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Also worth mentioning: A raccoon (now spelled correctly) will damage your trap if given the time to do so. The long trigger linkage is not easily straightened.
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I don't know if marshmellows work, but grapes and dates work. They love those. They love eggs too...as your friend must know.

They are such sweet animals, but can do alot of damage....we know!!!!
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