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My Marty

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This is long overdue, but my heart was too broken to put to paper.

2/19/91 – 8/18/09

On August 18, 2009 I let my last remaining boy, Marty, go over the rainbow bridge. Marty was a true Tonk and was my night time cuddle buddy. If my daughter or I were “late” getting into bed he would YELL “Helllooo, Hellloooo” and we would respond with “No Now.” And he would respond with “Nooooowwww.”

We are very lucky to have had over 18 years with him. He brought us many years of happiness, but 18 years was not enough.

Marty was a laid back boy. In his younger days he would turn the fan and light off by jumping and grabbing the cord. It must have at least a 6 foot jump. When he was around 14 he stopped jumping as much and by 16 he was not a jumper, due to arthritis in his legs.

Marty had a brother, Sebastian, who he loved very much. Sebastian crossed over the Reainbow Bridge on 11/15/06 and Marty was never the same. He missed his brother so much and now they are running, free from pain, and loving each other as only brothers can.

I miss you boys! For the first time in 31 years I am without a furbaby. I wonder how I can let another boy into my heart. At time I just want to go out and get a Tonkinese to fill the hole in my heart. But, no other cat can compare to my boys and that is not fair. One day I hope this ache dulls and I hope that my Marty and Sebastian know that Mama still loves them.

Here are some pictures of my boys. Marty is the tan and Sebastian is the brown. The picture of them in a cage is Marty comforting his Sebastian when Sebastian broke his arm.
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Awwww look at him with his tartan hat

I'm so sorry for your loss of both babies The comforting thing to know is that their both with each other again

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My condolences. It's so hard to lose beings that were such a big part of your life for so long.
Marty, with your beloved brother Sebastian.
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I'm so sorry for your loss. I understand a cat suffering grief after the loss of beloved companion, it's as hard on them as it is on us.

I think there will come a time when you will be ready to open your heart and home to feline love again. It won't mean you love your Bridge Angels any less. And you won't need to make any comparisons. Each cat is his or her own self. New love can help heal.

You'll know when it's time. Don't rush yourself through your grief. It's still very fresh for you.

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Your boys are absolutely gorgeous. Marty and Sebastian enjoy the rainbow .
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I'm so sorry for your loss.

RIP Marty
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I am so sorry for the pain you are going through. Believe me many of us know exactly what you are going through. My Black Magic was 19 when he passed away and I didn't think I would get through it. I still miss him and it's been twelve years. I read somewhere that the time to get another pet is when you can think of the one you lost with smiles instead of tears.

I can't open you pictures. It says I may not have sufficient permission; not sure why. The other forums I go to you can look at pictures as soon as you have an account. I'm sure they are beautiful though.
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Marty and Sebastian were both stunningly beautiful, thanks for sharing them with us.

(to others who have tried to see the pics, they shold be viewable to all now, thank you Anne)
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They will wait for you at the bridge along with all our fur babies to be with us again.
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What a sad time for you, losing such a treasure as Marty. Such gorgeous boys It must be so difficult for you, esp. at bedtime - that is when my Joey-boy is my one and only (he will allow only JC on the bed with us, unless it's about zero out). I hope that your memories will bring you comfort now, and smiles soon, just remembering...
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so sad....

RIP to Marty,...
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