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TCS Vibes wanted please!!

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My sister and her bf went out last night to enjoy themselves, and it ended badly....

They were heading out of the local night club when this guy started on her bf's best mate, he got headbutted and injured quite badly. After that this guy then turned on my sister's bf, first he headbutted him and threw him to the ground, and to top it all off, he kicked him in the face...therefore breaking his jaw in two places

I only found out this morning when the police came knocking on the door asking for my sister.

Sheesh! I am absolutely fuming that some sicko could do this to such a kind and caring guy that my sister loves so much. I hope they catch him soon and give him what he deserves.

Today my sister's bf is recovering in hospital, and having an operation to fix his jaw. Please send some of your good vibes to help out, it would be much appreciated at our time of need!
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ITs scary what some people will do to another

for a speedy recovery for all those hurt
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Many many Prayers and
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Healing vibes for everyone.
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That's awful. Sending powerful healing vibes across the pond for both the guys hurt.

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Many thoughts, prayers and vibes coming their way...It sure makes you wonder what the world is coming to sometimes.

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Oh no!.. I´m so sorry about that!...
for they!..
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for a quick recovery!
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Best wishes for a rapid and complete recovery!
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Oh geez that's just awful.
for a quick recovery for your sister's boyfriend.
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Just a quick update..

My sister nipped home not long ago, and the surgery has been postponed until tomorrow morning at 9am. But the good thing is that he had an emergency op as soon as he arrived at the hospital, as far as I know it was to put metal plates or pins in to secure the jaw. Tomorrow he is having the brace fitted.

Will have more news later.
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How horrible! Of course, many on their way.
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That is awful ....... sending so many prayers and vibes that way
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I hope his surgery goes well and his recovery is without complications.
Also I hope the police find the person who committed this crime and he is brought to justice.
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People like this are the reason that Cody and I believe in having a CWP and using it.

We're working on getting his transfered to Michigan now, and now that I am 21 I will be getting my first CWP as well.

I'm sorry this happened to your sister's bf!

Did they catch the guy who did it?
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Another update from today...

They have a guy in custody and forensics are now being done on clothes items for blood stains and such. My sister is having her statement taken from the police, and will need to go for the video i.d. parade shortly to see if they have caught him.

Also, her bf is currently undergoing the surgery and we hope all is well!

Thanks for the messages and I will keep you updated as we get the news.
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I'm glad they caught the guy! More for your sister's boyfriend, hope that the surgery goes well!
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