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Work Rant....

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I work at an AMF Bowling center, where I mainly do b-day parties, work in the snack bar and do office work. Well tonight I worked in the snack bar and had an xtreme b-day party (which basically is during our rock n bowl thing, where all the lights are out from 10pm-1am). Well the party mom shows up about 5min late. (party is from 10pm-1am our closing) And so I told her they have to order the food then becuase the snack bar will close at 11:15pm, well the b-day girl....oh this is a 16 year old party..... she doesnt show up until an hour into her is pissed, so they eat and get on the lanes to bowl. Now I am very nice to these people, offer them any help and basically work my butt off for them. Everyone at my work is very nice to them and helpful. And my party mom is nice to me and says thank you to everything. WELL....I was writting up the bill, about an hour before it ended and the party mom and her sister come up to me. The sister then begins yelling at me " There are 8 kids and the receipt (from paying a deposit) says 10 on it so we are only paying $10 a kid"....Im like umm no you have 11 kids bowling adn that 10 means the party time is starting at 10pm. She starts going off on me saying no there is 8 kids, and im like no, the lane next to teh kids has 3 others on it, so it is 11. She starts telling me to F off and is going psycho on i am very calm and nice to her, i try to explain it to her, but everytime i do she cuts me off with telling me to F off. All my co-workers are looking at her like what is wrong with that crack head. My boss comes out, and explains we DO NOT have any $10 is $16.99 for a regular party adn $18.99 for an xtreme. This lady says that one of our employees (this employee who scheduled this party is a shift leader and has worked at teh bowling alley for a long time.....she did not tell this lady it was $10 a person). She tells my boss, she is going to leave without paying and my boss is like Ill call the cops. So my boss says have them pay for 8 kids and the party mom does, meanwhile her sister is still telling people to F off, including me and i am just ignoring her. So my co-worker shuts down the lane that they didnt pay for because hello she is being a B and they didnt pay for it. And the kid comes up and says why is it off. I told him, no one paid for your lane. The lady went off again saying how they paid for bowling and now we are shutting their lanes dumb dumb only the lanes you didnt pay for!!! I gave up on her, i mean its a waste of time. She also tried complaining that the party didnt start at 10pm.....not my fault the b-day girl decided to show up an hour late with her friends....maybe you should discipline your kids better adn maybe tehy wont end up like that.
This lady kept telling all of my co-workers to F off, over and over again as she left, my co-worker said "Thank You, Have a great Night!" sarcastically adn it pissed this lady off!!! God It was an awful night and I just dont understand how people can be like this!!!! I hate People!!!
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Look at the bright side: Those women wake up every day with each other in the same house, and have to put up with it!
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Originally Posted by mrblanche View Post
Look at the bright side: Those women wake up every day with each other in the same house, and have to put up with it!
Exactly, that is the best way to look at it. I worked as an office manager for 17 years and had to deal with the public on a day to day basis, and usually by the time I got to them there was already a problem to deal with. My theory was I only have to put up with these people for a short time so I will not stoop there their level. Keep smilin, be polite, and try to be really ticks them off.
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I don't think I would ever have enough nerve to be that rude to someone. It's amazing how awful people can be. I'm glad you maintained your cool, it probably pissed them off even more. lol
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I assume the rude woman's behavior was alcohol fueled. Can't reason with those people. Kudos to you for remaining professional. Could you suggest a policy change to pay in advance for parties with refund for timely cancellation?
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I do know she had no alcohol at the bowling alley but that certainly does not mean she had it before! Seriously it was like a bi-polar attitude in this lady lol. Unfortunately we cab only offer to make them pay a deposit, because they may not know how many will bowl etc...and we dont like re-embersals. People like them look for anyway to get free stuff. We will be laughing about this at work today!!
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She's lucky you didn't call the cops on her! I don't understand why people have to be so irrational and nasty sometimes.
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