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Vegas "honeymoon"

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My husband will be getting his inheritance from his grandmother's estate soon. We've never had a honeymoon, or heck even a real vacation! The only trips we've taken together have been to see family (1 time - when I met his family the first time) and for funerals (twice) - every time to Illinois in winter.

We're thinking strongly about going to Las Vegas for a 9-year-late honeymoon. He wants to see the Atomic Bomb Museum (he worked on Minuteman and Peacekeeper Missiles when he was in the Air Force), we want to see a show, see the sights on the Strip, do some gambling. All the basic first time "see Las Vegas" type stuff. We're initially thinking about staying at the Bellagio and splurging on the Bellagio Suite. View of the Strip from above the 25th floor, 1000+ square feet, his and hers baths, whirlpool and steam shower, concierge service...basically live like royalty for a few days.

For anyone who has been to Vegas, what should we plan on as the "you shouldn't miss this" things?

For anyone who has done the five-star hotels, is it worth it?
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If you're going to catch a show, I would recommend Le Reve! It's a visually stunning aquatic acrobatics show. My SO and I went to my niece's wedding in Vegas recently, and we really enjoyed the show.

We stayed at the Rio, it was nice, but not luxurious. The Rio does have a great buffet, though!
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I've never been, but maybe you can check some hotels out on They have a lot of reviews that can be helpful, although you have to take some of them with a grain of salt. lol
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I never been in las Vegas my friend...
BUT seems terrific what you & Earl are planning!..
Congrats dear HEIDI!.. you & Earl deserve it!.-.
Please be sure to bring us a DZILLION of pictures about!...
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If I was going to Vegas, the show that I would see is The Amazing Johnathan. He is a comedian/magician.


Here is his site...
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I think we're mentally connected since I was looking up Las Vegas trips online just now!

I just signed up to a vacation sell off site and I can't get over the good deals available. Make sure you look around for the best deals, there are so many! I know you're coming into some money, but at least make it stretch as much as possible by getting a deal!

Since there are so many hotels to choose from, I would suggest booking a last minute deal. Each one of my friends who have travelled there booked the same week they were going and found great prices.

I can't commend on which hotel. You can check TripAdvisor (since I've been glued to that site for all my wedding/honeymoon resort reviews) and you can contact members on that site if you have more questions.

A friend of mine just came back from the Wynn in Las Vegas and had a great time.
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If you can do the Bellagio Suite then do it - I imagine it will absolutely amazingly fantastic, and an experience you won't forget

Don't make too many plans, just see whatever shows interest you, walk up and down the strip checking out the hotels, and enjoy what's there.

The Cirque du Soleil show O is on at Belagio which is supposed to be fantastic.

Edit: Oooh apparently the Salone Lakeview Suite are on the corners and have 2 huge windows to be able to view the Strip and Fountain
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Oh wow, the Bellagio looks amazing! What a fantastic experience that would be!
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Vegas Baby, Vegas!!!
I have been going to Vegas 2x-3x /yr for almost 10 years..... yep, lots of conventions in there, and lots of fun too!

For me, there is no better show than "O" - it is absolutely AMAZING! You will never see anyhting like it! On the honeymoon vibe, also by Cirque du Soleil, are "Love", by the Beatles, and "Zoomanity".... Love is more on the romantic style - it will make you cry, and give you the chills....... Zoomanity is a fantastic, X-rated way to spice it up and give you some kama sutra ideas for the night ....

I usually stay at the Mandalay Bay - I highly recommend "The Hotel" at the Mandalay Bay - there is no casino in it, but it is attached to Mandalay, where you can go to the casinos, and you can also walk over to the luxor. One of the best restaurants, IMO is The Mix, on the top on The Hotel... The Red Square is also a great vodka bar at the Mandalay.

As far as Buffet goes, IMO Rio is one of the best.... a bit out of the way, but well worth it. Bellagio has a good one as well.

Call the hotel in advance - most of them have honeymoon packages, and will be waiting for you with champaign, chocolates, a nice suite, etc.... Going in odd days also will give you that 5-star suite for much less than what you would regularly pay....
A hotel that is VERY romantic is the Venetian.... Love love love that hotel...
you can even take a gondola ride! how cool is that?
There are tons on things to do around Vegas as well... Helicopter rides over the Grand Canyon is a good and affordable one
Vegas for me is great for a few days - 4 days at the most!! A week is WAY too long!

Have FUN!!!!!
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I'd also say stay no more than 4 days for Vegas.

Use the Deuce bus or tram rather than taxi's going from one side of the strip to the other.

Drink lots of water (and other stuff too )

I can't comment on shows as I've been to only one, and I can't remember the name of it.

I'd say if you can afford the Bellagio go for it!
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Too bad The Star Trek Experience closed after a 10 yr run. It was awesome when I saw it. It was supposed to reopen this year but it has been pushed back to 2010.
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Originally Posted by carolinalima View Post

As far as Buffet goes, IMO Rio is one of the best.... a bit out of the way, but well worth it.
There's a shuttle that goes between Rio and Harrah's, so you won't need to drive there.
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Heidi, Gary and I went to Vegas twice. We stayed in the Venetian when it just opened, and for whatever reason they gave us a suite (Gary's good at that stuff). The first time we were there in the RV. We didn't see any shows - we just gambled and were only there for two days. But it was a TOTAL blast, and they treat you like royalty. I think it is a GREAT idea! You are going to LOVE IT!

My ONLY suggest is - decide in advance how much money you will spend gambling (including slots or whatever). View it as entertainment, and expect to lose all of it. Then if you win anything - you can decide whether to plow it back into having more fun - or maybe you keep half and use the other half for entertainment. However you do it - make the rules before you go, make sure you both agree and understand - and stick to it.
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Two shows to see, The Rat Pack (downtown) and Phantom (The Venetian). I was there in July and we stayed at the Palazzo, and it was fantastic! We had access to the Conseirge Lounge - free drinks, munchies all the time! We were on the 33rd floor with fantastic views, suite room, remote controlled blinds, 3 flat screen TVs - VERY NICE! The Palazzo is adjacent and connected to The Venetian, so you can wonder around between the two and never go outside. Very convenient if you are going to see Phantom, which has great special effects. I've seen the play 3 times, but not this one. We are going back to see it in the next few months. I LOVE PHANTOM!
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Sounds like a fine thing to do.

I have exactly zero experience of Vegas, so can't comment on where to stay, where to eat, or most of what to do. But I do know there are several permanent Cirque du Soleil shows there, and having seen three of their shows live and another on DVD, I would say see one of those if you at all can. There is nothing quite like it -- a class act from start to finish. Not cheap, but worth every single penny.

Have a super time.
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