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Sebastian and fluids

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Have new techs at the vet office. They cannot give Seb fluids without him flipping out. Cost $65 for gas each time. I cannot afford that.

I will ask my mom tomorrow if she can help me do it at home. I know he will fight it. If this doesn't work, I don't know what else to do. Been crying all day thinking he may have to be put to sleep if I cannot think of another solution.

He really needs his fluids and vitamin B each week. His last blood panel was better - his liver is better. Nowhere out of the woods yet, but better. His regular vet said the prednisolone and fluids would be an ongoing thing.

The vet in the office today suggested a pill that would calm him. My concern is that the pill may not be good for his liver but I'm not sure. Not sure if the benefit outweighs the risk.

This be be a silly question but aren't vets and techs used to being bitten and scratched? I mean, isn't it like a job hazard? I have been bitten and scratched many, many times - it isn't that big a deal for me. All the techs I've known over the years act like the world is ending when it happens. Why would you work with animals then get upset when you get scratched or bitten?

Anyway, any ideas would be appreciated. Seb still plays with Galahad - never starts it but will wrestle with him. Still eats and drinks, poops and pees. Pees only where he shouldn't, though. Drinks too much when he doesn't get his fluids. Appetite is always good.

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You can do the sub q and shots at home. I gave Ootay sub q at home for years, and the B-12 shots too.

If your mother will help you, that's good, some cats do require two people, at least at first. You'll need a way to hang the bag so it is above the cat.

I always did fluids in one spot, some prefer to do it where ever the cat happens to be at the time, if you do it that way you need a portable way to hang the bag.

Have you been trained by the vet or tech to do it at home? Some training IS needed, but if he freaks out at the vet, it would be better if someone could come to your home and help train you.

There are instructional videos, I'm pretty sure Cornell has one. I can try to give you step by step instructions if you like.

Until then I'll just suggest that you get Sebastian used to you holding him in your lap and playing with the scruff at the back of his neck/shoulder blades. Hold him quietly, and feel that area and pull the skin up to form a tent, so you can get an idea of how it will look and feel.

Then I will come back with step by step if you want it!
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I have been doing Sub Q's since last Jan/Feb with Coco.
It is easy of course she is a good cat.
Stripe went nuts when she got fluids.
Wrap the cat in a blanket when you give them since he is mean.
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We just gave him the fluids. It will take two of us - he really doesn't like it.

I held him and mom poked him. She broke the vitamin B syringe before we could get it in the tube so wasted that. Will get it right next week though.

Thanks for the support I am sure we can do this - will just have one very cranky cat afterwards.
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Good job getting it done! Don't worry, he will get used to it. As will you! And after a couple of months or so he will begin to make the connection between fluids and feeling better.

I've done sub q on cats I never would have believed it was possible. And yet, before I ever did it at all, I never ever would have thought it would be something I could be comfortable doing! If you are firm and confident, most cats seem to realize this just is going to happen.

Keep us posted!
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I hear that warming the fluids up a little bit up can help a lot too...
Good luck! You will get used to it... I remember Jacky being afraid of doing it too.... Today she is a pro
I am glad his numbers are better
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Originally Posted by carolinalima View Post
I hear that warming the fluids up a little bit up can help a lot too...
Good luck! You will get used to it... I remember Jacky being afraid of doing it too.... Today she is a pro
I am glad his numbers are better
Oh gosh, I am sorry I hadn't thought to mention that. Absolutely, let the bag lay in a pan of warm water for a few minutes. I always warm fluids!

When you check the flow of the needle, let it run over your wrist, it should feel just warm against your skin.

by the is an excellent resource:
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I make sure Zoe's fluids are at 102 degrees. Finding the correct temperature makes all the difference in the world. She lays on my lap and purrs for her fluids.

I have a friend who has one who is very cranky. For her she feeds her little bits of treats the whole time she gets her fluids. Now she is much better.

Make a routine of it. Once you become more calm about it, Seb will calm down as well.

Lots of for you and that big beautiful boy
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ty so much

He did not like the cold fluids I Tried to warm it up but didn't think of the pan of water. Poor guy. Had to be chilly. Will do that next time.
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Like Carolina said I was scared to do the fluids teh first time but it is easy.
I hope his numbers get better.
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I've been doing fluids on Cleo for about 6 years now. She enjoys them, and even asks for them by going to the bathroom and rubbing against the wall where they hang. I also warm them for her, and she never complains about them. Here's a great link about fluids, which might give you some tips.

Good luck! I hope things get easier for you and Sebastian.
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