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When do kittens use a litter box?

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Hi again... yet another question for all. Well, Suma's kittens will be three weeks on Sunday and starting to climb out of the birthing box, still not toddling around, but getting there. Now it is time to make a surrounding so they don't go anywhere except a certain area in the garage.

When do kittens start using a litter pan? I noticed in some threads, some were saying they just switched to the scoopable litter because the kittens were bigger or older? Is there something I should know here?

I know they are not ready for kitten chow, how old should the kittens be when I introduce this?

Thanks again everyone!
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Most kittens will start to eat around four weeks, maybe five. And they will start to use a litter box, too, if it's available. I used a low-sided pan, like a cake pan.

Most people say you should use a non-clumping litter, since the kittens will "taste" the litter at first (like all babies, tasting everything!).

And yes, they should be confined to a smaller area so they don't get in the habit of going to the bathroom in some hidden corner, and they don't get lost or hurt.
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Because I kept a shallow cake pan with regular litter in the pen with mom and kittens, they started using it very early (3-4 weeks old).

You don't want to use the scoopable litter till they are past the "eat the litter" stage - so I would not use it till 3 months or older.

As far as food - its better to start them on canned kitten food, KMR, and warm water - mix into a thick soup. The dry can be put on the side for them to nibble on as they wish. I usually don't bother with solid foods till 5-6 weeks old, but some kittens will start around 4 weeks. Plan on keeping everyone together for about 12 weeks.

And get mom spayed when the kits are 8 weeks old.
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Im in the same situation as you right now, my kitten is about 5 and a half weeks old and i just got out the litter for him yesterday. Its best to use non-clumping litter at first because like stated above, the kittens might taste it and you dont want it clumping inside of them causing health issues.
I got the litter recently because we noticed that he started to pee in one corner and tried to cover it but nothing was happening because it was on carpet.

This is about the same time you start introducing them to food as well (4-5 weeks) I am just softening up kitten kibble with water and warming it up for about 10 seconds in the microwave to make it even softer.
After i put out the litter last night i put the kitten in it and digged in it with his paw so he could see that its litter, but i think he was kind of freaked out because he ran out after It takes a while for them to get use to using the litter box, just like anything else.

Good luck with the growing litter
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Thanks, I will get out a small cake pan soon with reg litter. I have seen mom stimulating them and dribbles coming out when she does it. Haven't seen any little poopies yet. Don't see anything they have done on their own.

What a new experience every day. Last night I came home from walmart and there were 3 of them standing outside of the box. So time to make a small barracade right now since they are climbing in and out right now.

But they are all soooo cute
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When my cat had kittens a few years ago... If I remember correctly, I believe she taught the kittens how to use the litterbox.
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