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I'm not too surprised the Peaches' kittens turned up having fleas (as she herself was INFESTED when we adopted her 5 weeks ago) but she hasn't been scratching and I haven't seen one in 3 weeks so I really thought they were all gone! So everyone got a bath today. Thankfully, although she doesn't "enjoy" it, Peaches is VERY good to bathe! Her kittens were just as adorable, I'm totally in love with the little boy... he has such a great personality!

Anyway! Peaches seemed to only have a single flea on her after her bath??? Her little girl had 3 and her little boy was COVERED (like a dozen). Does he just taste the best? How could he have ALL the fleas and no one else has any?? I back-combed all the cats & as they have white bellies it's pretty easy to see the fleas.

I'm ready to give up on the all natural method, I still want something that I'm not going to have to worry about my little boy around (and he does "pet" & kiss the kitties & doggies ALL the time), but I need to get ride of these fleas! At what age can I treat the kittens with something? What does everyone suggest? (please not too expensive! I've got 5 cats & 3 dogs to do )

I sprinkled dio earth all around the kitten's room & they'll have to cope with a smaller box for a little while.

Thanks to TCS all the little wet kitties are cuddling with a VERY warm rice sock right now, they all appreciate the idea tremendously!
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Turns out the source of the fleas wasn't mom but actually either Tasha or Miss Kitty. It's NOT surprising Miss Kitty has a few fleas as she's an indoor/outdoor cat & it's summer time. So while M.K. is content to submit to the flea comb (ok, she LOVES it!) Tasha seems to think I'm trying to torture her... I think we'll be getting her some sort of chemical treatment.

The fleas seem to have hopped a ride on Kayla (our sweetie pie collie mix) who is enamoured with the kittens and probably checks on them more then mom does! Neither of the other two dogs had a single flea on them, just Kayla.

Anyway, Peaches & kittens are doing well with their bathing. Peaches now actually seems to be enjoying her baths :shock: she actually sat & let me brush and wash her today... weird!! And the kittens can't say much since they are so very tiny!

The little girl only had 3 fleas on her today, Peaches had 1, the little boy had 0. So the daily baths will continue for another 2 weeks I think. It's not a big problem, I just bath them between changing the box & everyone seems to be ok with that .

At least we're getting ride of those darn fleas! The dio earth I sprinkled ALL over the house last night seemed to really help!
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