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"Wiggle Tail"

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One of our cats, Kasey, the tortie has this behaviour and I wondered if anyone ele's cat does this.

She holds her tail upright, in the "greating posture" and for lack of a better description, wiggles it like a tom sprying.

She doesn't sray (good thing )

This happens when she is either, excited, puzzled or frustrated.
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Anja does the same thing! A few times I actually thought she was spraying,but on further inspection there is nothing there.She seems to do it when she is excited too...I don't know if it is normal,as I never seen it before (aside from toms spraying)...
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I had boys and girls in the past who've done it when excited.
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Yep, normal for cats of both genders to do this when excited, happy or even just as greeting.

I like term you gave it though Wiggletail.
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I had no idea this was normal for a cat!
And we had cats our whole life...but I never seen a cat do it before,unless they were a male spraying! Good to know it is normal though.
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One of my foster boys - Tex - his tail quivers when he is nervous or afraid, happy to see you... or when he pees! Must feel good!!
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Originally Posted by otto View Post
I like term you gave it though Wiggletail.
Time for a confession, I can't be credited with the origin of that term

I got it from some websites about Egyptian Mau's, see 6th paragraph down on this one;

I am sure Kasey is a SW Ontario "moggie" tortie, without a trace of Mau in her, unless it is some distant ancestorial behaviour surfacing

The first time I saw her do it was a couple of days after I brought her home, I had to check for spray

I had never seen her do that over the years at the company facility where she lived, maybe she was just very pleased to be in a safe, quite home with lots of food and attention and this brought out the behaviour
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Aya does this too when she's in a good mood. Usually when I've just come home and she's doing the prance around my feet 'you're home!' bit.
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Both my girls do this, but Hannah does it more frequently. Callie does it mainly when it's feeding time. Hannah does it when she's greeting you, excited, or when she's "found" me after looking for me in the house.
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Maggie does this too. Always in the same place. I think in her little BB sized brain, she really thinks she's marking her territory. Thank God she's shooting blanks (so to speak) no urine....whew! (For those who think I'm being mean...I'm not...Maggie is my "special" girl, she's sort of mentally challenged. I love her to pieces!)
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