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Vibes for my Mom, please

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Mom's not doing well. A few weeks ago, she fell, fractured her skull (that part is now ok), but then found out that her carotid artery is entirely blocked, and they found a shadow on one lung (she's a heavy smoker, and has been for about 60 years). I'm really worried about her. She meets with the doctors next week.

If you could keep her in your thoughts and prayers, my family and I would be most grateful. Thanks.
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Many prayers and vibes heading to your Mom and all who love her.
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Tons of thoughts, prayers, and vibes headed your mothers way..Also keeping my that things turn out okay.
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You got it.

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Oh my!
many many many vibes going your way!!!
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More thoughts and prayers for her and your family
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Hoping the docs can do some great things for your mom.
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My thoughts and prayers are for her and you my friend... Really so sorry for this hard moments...
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for you Mom
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Many and thoughts for your mother.
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