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Time with Kittens?

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How much of the day should Peaches be spending WITH her kittens? She's been a really good mom so far but every time they go to sleep (which is often) she leaves them to come hang around with us. They are always within hearing distance and she'll take off upstairs if they start calling; does that sound normal?

That last cat I fostered who had kittens stayed with them except to eat/drink/poo, although she had 4 where peaches only has 2.

The kittens seem really happy & healthy. I probably shouldn't worry .
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As long as the kittens are nursing well, not crying and are warm, she is fine to leave them and hang out with you.
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Thanks. Hubby is far more upset about it then I am . She`s a very laid back mom, which is definitely not a bad thing! Her kittens are going to be super friendly .
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