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I might be getting a bird....HELP?

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My mom's new house comes with a bird (don't ask, and I think it's pretty irresponsible). No idea what kind, but since it's singular it's probably not like a finch. I hope it's not like a cockatoo or macaw since they're supposedly like having another child and very high care. Um, so does anyone have bird/cat and bird/kid tips. Do I have to get rid of our feather toys and take down the feeder? Aren't bird nippy and very scared of strangers? I'm scared because they used to be barn cats and all....any bird owners?
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When I was younger I had a parakeet, and she and Alafair were quite fond of each other. The bird grew to hate everyone, but liked that cat
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Hmmm....until you know what kind of bird it is, it's hard to make recommendations. For instance, cats love to watch finches, and most will try to catch them if they get out of the cage (they're so fluttery!). If it's a large parrot (better hope not), the CATS' safety is in question.....don't mess with that can-opener beak! All other birds being somewhere in between.
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Big birds are high needs. Please call a bird rescue in your area, they can help you.
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I found out the bird is in another part of the house away from the cats and lives with the landlord, whose section is seperate from ours (and is not leaving the bird behind) mom had sent a pretty vague email about the move so I guess of overreacted. *blush*

EDIT: There isn't even a bird. Apparently on the phone my mom THOUGHT she heard some kind of bird name (cockatiel or cockatoo) but when she emailed me she couldn't really remember what kind. But no, they have a cockaPOO. *slaps forehead*
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I had a cockatiel for a while and she wasn't particularly high maintenance like the big birds. I did handle her a little every day so she would stay socialized to handling. She never started the whistling that is so common with them but she would chirp constantly for two or three days before laying an egg. Covering her cage wouldn't shut her up, I guess she was trying to call a mate.
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Birds are extremely social creatures, as much as humans in my experience. I've had cockatiels, budgies, love birds and conures, and the conure was the most demanding, then the cockatiel. Chances are your cockatiel was calling YOU, and not a mate. My conure would always call for me and when I'd come into the room she'd start talking to me (or muttering/chirping, I hadn't had the time to teach her any words in the time I had her). She'd try to wake me up in the mornings, and as soon as I gave her eye contact she'd start making noise and pacing back and forth.

Birds are certainly a handful and a big commitment but they make some of the best companions if you have the time to devote to them
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