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to shave or not to shave

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I am considering shaving my oldest cat (6 yrs) because it seems like no amount of brushing I do is making a difference. We are about to hit the dead of summer in MS and dread what the shedding is going to do to all of us!!
I'd like to hear if shaving is recommended or not.
Please help!!! the hair is taking over the house!!
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If the cat is indoor only it is not a problem. I find that it really does take a year to grow back full force. If kitty goes outside they need their coat to protect them from the elements.
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Alex got what is called a "lion cut" at the groomer's. He resented it at first, but really likes it now because he can be more active without overheating. Are you going to shave your cat yourself, or take her to a groomer?
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I'm pretty sure I'm going to get my cats shaved & I can't remember if you recommended the vet or the groomer to do that. or does the vet even shave them?
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I would recommend shaving if they are indoor only well. It makes most cats happy! Some vets do it and some groomers do it. Depending on your cat's temperment, they may have to sedate him which costs a little more.

Where in MS are you? I work in Tunica!!!
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Groomers do a much neater job. I had the vet I work with do it because he doesnt charge me anything. He does look much better when the groomer does it.
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I've never used a message board before so I didn't know if I would get a response or not, or if I would be able to figure out how to get back to it.
Thanks for all the responses, I feel much better now about getting Tigger done. Both of my cats are indoors only, so I guess all he's got to loose is a few hairballs.
My next hurddle is finding a groomer. None of them here mention cats in their ads so I hope it's just because they don't get a lot of requests for that.
Thanks again for everyone's advice!!!!!
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Check for the nearest Petco or Petsmart, they all usually do grooming.
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Are you by any chance in Northern MS?? I might could recommend somewhere.
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This is shaving related but a warning to all - I have Siberians - they matt - don't let anyone tell you they don't - I try to keep up with it but sometimes it gets ahead of me - one of my cats was showing a lot one year - he got ahead of me - I took him to the vets- told them I did not want him shaved but combed out - NEVER comb out a cat - shave - this poor guy was so sore for days and days - I could not even touch him he hurt so bad - they had aced him a bit and combed - I called the vet to find out why he was so sore - they tell me ( now this is AFTER i had him combed ) that when cta are combed out they expereinece the same type of pain we do when we work out after we haven't worked out for a long time - they said his skin was sore from the pulling - well DUH !!! why didn't you tell me before hand - I would have nixed the shows and shaved. Linda
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I didn't even know that was an option with cats! I have never heard of combing. Man, poor kitty! They should have told you before you did it!
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If your cats are quiet, you can try shaving them yourself!! The good news is that, like a bad hair cut, it grows back!!

I shave all my breeding persians. I love the 'lion cut '. The ones that sit still look a whole lot better than the ones that wiggle!!

You don't need the expensive clippers if you only have a couple of cats. My experience says that both Andis and Oster are good clippers. I have both the single speed and the two speed models. frankly, I never use the second speed so I think the base model is good enough.

You have to try clipping once. Just for the fun of it!
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Well, I was able to find a vet that would shave him...I'm a little worried about them wanting to sedate him, but I guess that's normal. This was the only place that said they would try to do it without sedating first.
I wondered if I could do it myself. Is there anything in particular to worry about? Anywhere you can't shave? I'm guessing a "lion cut" must leave hair at all their "ends", paws, tail, head, etc. right? Maybe after this initial shaving I'll do it myself. I'm sure he'd be better with me than with a vet.
I'm going to have to move them in with my fiance' at the end of the month while I go live with a friend until our wedding in september. I don't know how I'm going to sleep with out them!!! to agrivate the situation...my fiance' has a Jack Russell Terrior....it's going to be a rocky couple of months!!!
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Don't worry, I've never met a cat that can't train a dog!!!

Besides, it would be such a shame to have to give up your fiance!!
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I forgot to mention in my previous post: Alex felt like he was covered in velvet the first couple weeks after his shave. It feels wonderful to pet.
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I appreciate all of your info since I have 3 long-haired cats. The shedding is bad, but they absolutely love to be brushed and they are outside a lot. It's our bonding time! My problem was this winter when their fur was very matted since it gets very long (but beautiful). A friend suggesting getting them groomed, and I thought she was kidding since I had never heard of it before. I don't want them shaved because I think they would be soooo mad at me. They're rather conceited! Any ideas as to how I would groom them - just trim them? same as shaving? I can't see putting them through the stress of having an "outsider" do it if I can do it myself.

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This is funny that this post was brought up... I have finally made the decision to shave my youngest, Oliver. He is 9 months old and he is a tiger when I try to brush him! I don't know what it is, it's been worse since I've gotten him fixed. I've checked him and he's healed wonderfully, he doesnt mind having his stomach rubbed or scratched, but get the brush away from him! Last week he actually bit me! That was it.. he's being shaved. He has this funny habit of when I am brushing my oldest, Big Boy, who LOVES to be brushed ('specially his tummy! ) he'll go up and start cleaning BB's face. It's so cute. Well, the other day after the biting incident he walked up to BB while I was brushing him and instead of cleaning him, he bit his ear! I don't know if he's mad that BB likes it or what, but none the less, Mr. O is getting the big Lion Cut. My husband won't let me shave BB because it's his cat and he thinks he'll look funny (BB is pure white), he's threatened to shave my little girl, Serena, if I do Serena is a shaded silver and very petite. She WOULD look funny shaved!
My Mother in Law raises persians (all 3 of mine are from her) and she keeps all of her breeders shaved... I love the way they feel afterwards! When she started doing it I almost cried when I saw these beautiful coats gone, but I've actually grown to like them!
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