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Third FLUTD flare up this year, RANT!

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Ok, it's more of a vent.

I know this is tedious, I know it'll happen until Scotty either outgrows it or we find a preventative solution that works.

I love that cat, and I know I can be better at helping him through this, but I'm starting to get burned out. In the last year, we have spent ~$700 in vet bills for this problem. Luckily, we watch him so closely that he's only had one blockage, and that was in 2007.

I just need to blow off some steam, and get some vibes. I want him to outgrow it, but this has been happening for FOUR years now.

Thanks for reading.
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that you find a solution for Scotty!
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had a couple of bouts with FLUTID when he was very young. He was given CD food from the vet. Well, that nearly broke me as all my cats had to go on it. Too expensive to buy different foods. I eventually took him off it and he never had a recurrance. He lived to be 12 years old. There is hope!
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Two of my cats seem to have outgrown that. They had crystals/UTIs when they were young. My other cat that had bladder issues is at The Bridge, but he would have bad bouts for a year or two, then he'd be fine for years before another flare up. He had the equivalent of interstitial cystitis.

for your kitty.
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that this will be outgrown...

I have one who did and another who started uti issues at 16 plus yrs old
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Thanks everyone. I know we're doing everything we can (watching him, catching things early, giving him his meds, etc.) but it's still frustrating, let alone, expensive.

He's been better these past couple of days, but I think that's mostly due to the pain meds (I'm so thankful they gave me extra last time, so I could start him right away on it). But today is his last day on them. He still has a week to go on the antibiotics.

The biggest problem has been that they've found crystals, and evidence of bacteria, but the last two cultures they did came up false (though, it could be a false negative, due to the saturation of white and red blood cells).

Oh well, I'm giving the boys wet food, along with dry (Oscar will never be a wet-only kitty) and it's the Hill S/D. We're still watching Scotty like a hawk, to make sure that when he does go into the litterbox, he's producing urine. That's about all we can do.
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