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I use IfranView to Re-size my pictures and to crop them I use Photo Wizard
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Originally posted by Anne
Phew that's mighty nice of you all - we didn't actually set up any rule you know. I was just sharing what I know about ideal file size for dial-up.

What are your thoughts about the image size though (not the kb's - but the size in pixels). Just as an example - what if I were to use this image as my signature? It's less than 3kb but it's huge in size... I'd hate to see anyone put something like that as their signature...

That's where the pixals come in.. maybe specify that the images should be a certain height and width, no larger, as well as being small in file size (kb)
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Oh... signatures that are large in height drive me nuts! (We're supposed to be honest here, right? ) I don't mind a little extra scrolling, but when my finger cramps up from using my scroll button too much, well, it bugs me. Especially those like Anne's example... small post, HUGE signature. Oi!

I checked my signature size, and it's at 17.3KB. I also peeked at Jamie's (Luv Those Paws's) because I made hers, and it's at 20.04KB. I don't mind trying to reduce their size if they need to be, just let me know and I will, no problem. And if they do need to be changed, I'll PM the few other people who I made signatures for. If it weren't 4:40am here right now, I'd take care of it tonight.

Oh, and since I didn't mention it. I do think having a size limitation of some sort is a good idea. Especially for those large in height darnit.
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Wow! I am pleased at the response here! I have turned off the signatures option, but I will turn it on again if people are reducing the size of their signature graphics.

And I don't have the time and creativity to create signature graphics, but I have photoshop, and can reduce the size (Kb and pixel) for anyone who would like some help. Just send me a pm if you would like help, it will only take a minute or two.

Thanks everyone, this is why I love this place.
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I've been thinking about it, KB size anyway. If we limited it to say maximum 20-25 KB, you could still have small multiple images (like Daniela's signature, 2 graphics at +/- 7KB each), or one larger one or a very simple animated GIF, but with a suggested limit of 12KB for one image. But it wouldn't be so excruciating for the dial up people.

For pixel size, width isn't as much of a problem as height, if I'm reading people right. As long as the signature isn't wider than the default width of the post, I don't think it's a problem, like with Jenn's, Jamie's and my signatures. They are all short in height, but long in width. For the height, maybe 200 pixels? Less???

Just throwing out numbers for everyone to consider!
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And thanks for the offer, Sicy. I just put it up on Save Samoa as another banner people can choose from to link to us.
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I think I am with jgaruba. It's the endless scrolling to get past a signature that is HUGE in height that bugs me.

And boy, daniela, Feedback is really hoppin' these days!
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Heidi, I like those suggestions. A maximum height on pics would be a great help. When the signature takes up the whole screen it is a little frustrating as well as time consuming for download.
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I checked mine and took out a few lines of space to make it shorter! My image is about 7.5kb.

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LOL Deb25!

I thought when I volunteered to mod Feedback it would be slow, and now lookey here! There are actually threads being started on a regular basis!
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I'm so happy to see everyone is making an effort. My signature image says Temp unavailale at the moment and it's taking up alot of space. What should I do?


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If you just need it sized down and don't have a program to do it, you're welcome to send it to me and I'll take care of it. then I'll ship it back so you can put it back up on your website.
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Hey Jenn!

Thanks. I know how to re-size etc etc. BUT Lizza did my Graphic for me and it seems a few grahics she has made have got the same message, Problem fixed I cut it out , I will host the picture onto my site and then re-size it.

Thanks anyway!

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If I didn't have the flu, I would be sending you lots of cyber 's BUT seeing as I do a (HUG) will have to do!

Thanks Jenn!.. for keeping me company[] today!
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Now back to our regularly scheduled program of overabundance of graphics.
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Sure thing! We sure went a bit OT
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I agree - though I'm on dial-up, sometimes it's kind of annoying to wait so long for pics to fill in, but file size doesn't bother me as much as having to scroll down through long signature file pics.

But I need HELP! When I click on "properties" of the pics in my sig, it only comes up with pixels... is this because I link to the pics in imagestation? But however large they are, they still take time to load, right?

BTW - like I said I'm on dial-up, and I don't seem to have a problem with the pics in my sig loading too slowly... but I don't know what others experience. I just read through this whole thread, and I can't seem to figure out if we worked out an image size or not (in terms of pixels).

?????? My sig's not too big, is it?

The logo is 264 wide x 60 high, and the feral banner is 149 wide x 60 high.

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Laurie, your Save Samoa graphic is 6163 bytes (6 KB) and the feral banner is 3580 bytes (3.5 KB). When you go into properties, the size of the graphic is found right above the pixel dimensions.
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It usually is! For some reason, when I click on those pics, all it shows me is the link location and the pixel size. Weird! But thanks, Heidi!
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Just take the pixel size and convert it. 6500 pixels are 6.5 KB.
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umm..this is sorta about the same subject....
I added a photo to my signature today since I just found out how thanks to a few friendly seems to have made every posting longer in length where the posting isnt stopping at the end of the signature like it should....there is a long blank space...can u help me get rid of that?? Thanks
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Go back to User Cp and edit profile. At the very end of you signature, there probably is some just hold down the delete key for 15 seconds. That way it will erase all of those spaces. I'm not sure if that is the problem, but that is what first came to my mind.
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yeah it worked thanks again for all your photo help(again)...I just cant believe I didnt think of that..ha ha
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You're welcome! I'm glad that it worked for you!
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Me too! I was afraid I was gonna have to just delete my photo...and I was all happy that (thanks 2 u) I had finally figured out how to post one in my sig!! "Shell the Signature savior" Ok
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