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When is it time to leave your job?

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Good Morning kind peeps,

I'm in a tough quandry and need objective input please.

I've been at my current postion 10 years. I invented the job, they wrote it for me and my specifications. I have been failry satisified here in that time - I felt I really "owned" the job and was v. good at it and proud of it.

I work in a hospital and major changes are happening. I dont know either way if my job will stay intact, although I think it will. I am lucky to have a job, I know this, but I think it might be time to move on for many reasons.

I'm quite sad by this. I want my employer to succeed but I also dont want to screw myself b/c I'm loyal. I'm also afraid of going someplace new.

How do you all know when it is time be looking? I've been conent for almost 10 years and I really just don't know how to view this position.

I didnt want to make the OP too long but can give any details if needed.

Thank you.
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Sounds like you need more challenge and that you feel you have done all you can to get ahead in the job that you are currently doing and that the tasks may be mundane to you by now. Basically you are bored!

Talk to your employer and see if you can take on additional responsibilities and/or expand your role in the work place.

You can look for a new job any time you want, but I strongly recommend not quitting a job until you have another one to go to.
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Hi Natalie, thanks.

I am bored. So bored. I hesitate on new responsibilities (before I embraced them) b/c clerks are now promoted to three grades above me. I am cheap for how much $ I make them so they are using me for all I am worth. (I am an analyst three grades below all other analysts that existed before we merged). I also get screamed at all the time b/c I haven't completed any of my three FT jobs rolled into one at any given time.

I'm tired of that and the stress of being paid as a peon with no power to improve things.

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Sounds like job burnout. You are bored, underpaid and underappreciated. Do they really yell at you or is that just a saying? I would never tolerate that. I have and now that I have a job where people are professional I would never tolerate it again. It doesn't hurt to look. It may take a long time to find something, so its important to look when you can still stand the job somewhat so you won't feel rushed into a job that is not really suited for you just so you can get away from the current situation. You want your next move to be a good one. It will take some time. Don't want to go from the frying pan to the fire.
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Just wondering about the Economical Crisis my friend...I mean there are for sure anothe place for you in other site?.... just consider this before to take a decision...
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