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Question of the Day - Sept 4th - Friday

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Good Morning everyone!

Do you have a morning newspaper delivered to your home?

Nope, DH has a subscription to the local newspaper online.
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Yup. I have our towns paper delivered once a week.
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Nope. Can find whatever I want online.
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I get the Sunday paper delivered. Must have the Sunday funnies!

I also get it for the weekly TV schedule.
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We used to but we got tired of hunting for where they threw the newspaper so we quit having it delivered.
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Just weekends - Saturday and Sunday. We get our local weekly paper which I generally take directly to the recycle bin.
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As of right now, yes, but I am going to cancel it this coming week. I can't see paying $12.34 for something that I barely read, except for the comic section. I can get the comics I read delivered to my Email at no cost. I can get the news online anyway.
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No not everyday. I have the Toronto Star delivered on Saturday and the local papers, the North Star, and Beacon Star on Wednesday and Saturdays.
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No. Haven't for a very long time. Even before it was all on the Internet, I found that I was getting my news elsewhere, and could easily pick up a paper if I needed it in my hands. While Dad was living here, he had the paper daily, because reading the paper from one end to the other was just one of the things that he enjoyed -- and he loved the crosswords. The subscription went with him, and we haven't missed it in the least.
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I get the paper every Wednesday, but not by choice. Someone goes around and puts it in front of everyones door in the apartment building. I never read it, it usually just goes right to the recycle.
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Nope,not at all.
If I need news,I either go online or buy a copy of the paper for that day.Or watch the TV.
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Nope. Talked about getting it a few times, but I'm not sure if you can even get a newspaper delivered on a military base.
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No. We did at one point but we never read it so it was wasted money.
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Yes. I really enjoy reading the paper, and I'm sad for what's happening with that media.
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Nope, Never has a subscription to the local newspaper
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No, but we get it at work so I read there.
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Daily paper? I am so far out of civilisation, we don't even have a weekly paper here. Next town over has a bi-monthly newsletter, nearest city has a weekly, next nearest is the only one big enough to do a daily. What little that interests me (Roughriders, racing, and a few headlines) I can find on line or on the tv or radio. Havent subscribed to a daily since I lived in Alberta - 20 years ago
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Too expensive to get the Ottawa Citizen delivered everyday.

And because of where we live we actually get 3 different local papers every week it`s too bad I don`t use newspaper in the cat boxes...
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Originally Posted by bad_kitty2001 View Post
Nope. Can find whatever I want online.
Same here!
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I receive the Wall Street Journal usually every morning-sometimes I think the delivery driver have vehicle problems so its doubled the next day. Our daily newspaper is switching to morning delivery the end of the month.
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