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95 days old, this kitten is 5 pounds 2 ounces

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I have a kitten that's huge for his age at 5 pounds 2 ounces. From what I understand 3 lbs per month is normal. I think this guy is breaking records. The 3 other kittens in the litter are above average also at:

Male: 4lbs 9oz.

Female: 4lbs 6oz.

Female: 3lbs 15oz.

If 3lbs is the average for 3 months, than all these guys are doing pretty well.

The biggest, from the beginning, always looked like he was going to be huge. His paws are much bigger and rounder than the others. Also something about the bridge of his nose, it seemed to stick out further and ears that looked like adult ears at 6 weeks. Reminds me of a kid that will grow into his big feet and hands.

He keeps amazing me when I weigh him. From Sunday to Thursday he gained 6.5 ounces. He almost looks like an adult cat and already 1/2 the size of his mother @10lbs 5oz.

I don't know if I should feed him less or let him continue. He sure does cry & beg frantically every 8 hours for canned (the only kind he eats). He's not fat looking or anything, but he does have baby fat, as do the others.

I'm thinking I should let him grow to his perceived weight (huge!). Others might say feed him controlled portions. I don't know.
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Rule of thumb for the average kitten is about a pound per month of age up to 10-11 months - then they level off. But if the cat is from the larger breeds like a Maine Coon, it would be a little above average.
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I personally would never restrict the diet of a growing kitten. They need the nutrients. If they are meant to be large, then let them grow. Growing kittens tend to wax and wane between being pudgy and then stretching out.
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I had a kitten I thought was going to be large (Church). He was consistently gaining 2 pounds per month rather than 1 pound and was much larger than the average kitten of his age. At between 14-15 weeks old he was 5.65 pounds. At about 16-17 weeks he was 6.5 pounds and at ~19 weeks he was 7.4 pounds.
He started tapering off at about 8-9 months old. He's now 2 years old and he is 10 pounds so he didn't end up especially large after all...he could probably gain a pound or two though because he's kinda thin now.
Then recently I had another kitten (Spot) who started doing the same thing, 2 pounds per month and was getting to be much larger than his littermates. He is now 13.5 pounds at 1 year old and may still be going. He is a little chubby but he also is built larger than his littermates (bigger head, thicker legs etc...)
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1lb per month is just a guideline, most cats fall either over or under.

I would be feeding him more than every 8 hours, if he's hungry and able to eat 'big kitty' food.
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Archie was almost 5 pounds at 3 months, and 14 pounds at nine months, I suspect he's more now at two years. Not fat, he's tall and long too. Just a big cat. His littermate is only about eight pounds, but a sister from last year is getting big like him. The mama brought this years babies in from the woods recently, and one is twice the size of the other. Somewhere in that colony is a really big tomcat.
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