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One nasty litter box, one no smell?!?

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We have 2 litters for our kitten. The high-side open top one in the living room smells nice. Today, the one in the bathroom, (closed but open doorway with a carbon filter thingy) began to reak of ammonia. How could this happen when they are scooped and cleaned the exact same way at the same time?
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Higher humidity (such as found in a bathroom) can cause a litterbox to smell worse sooner, in my experience. That's probably what's causing it. Plus odor tends to build up more in the covered boxes.
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Yeah, those lidded boxes get rank real quick. You have to take the lid off every few days to make sure the amonia smell is not too bad. Or get down on floor level where your furkids are to notice.
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the plastic may also be leeching some of the waste so that it smells even when the litter is clean.
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She may use one more than the other.
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Originally Posted by missymotus View Post
She may use one more than the other.
I was going to say that. In my house the covered boxes seem to be "the place to poop" ...thus they hold on to the smell and need to be cleaned more often.

It's a trade off for not having litter kicked over the back of the box and on to the floor.
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I've noticed my boys tend to pee in one and poo in the other. The one they pee in has to be cleaned more often or it starts getting that ammonia smell.
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I don't like covered boxes, because they hold in odors. High sided rubbermaid(tm) tubs work better!

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How often do you change and disinfect the litter box? A litter box kept in a bathroom which is more humid and such a small room, lingering odors are sure to happen. Is this the same bathroom you give her timeouts?
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I dont use the covered boxes because one if the sides are too high they wont be used and the thought of a covered box sends my kitties into a fit. But out of all the ones I have the biggest one is used the most and the other ones are used at random...I have to scoop them all about 2-3 times a day more if I have off work that day. I have a phobia of my house getting stinky but due to psychotic family members it doesnt matter anyways because they always have something nasty to say about my kitties. But whatever! Anyways I clean and wash mine out with Dawn at the minimum every other week if not once a week. I go thru a TON of litter but it makes me and BF happier in the end and Im not getting threatened that I need to get rid of the animals because they smell!
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Change out the litter every week or so, depending on how the smell is (I have a great nose, not as good as cats, but better than most, my wife couldn't smell the ammonia!) She was using the covered one mainly to pee, and we started leaving the door open while we showered to help with the smell, worked great! But now this thread is pointless because we have gone down to 1 litter box! The covered one is now out in the main living space, the spot she goes most of the time anyways, haven't had any smell issues. We've had to keep the bathroom closed because she'll sleep in the sink and lick all over the shower, don't want her getting sick. Thanks for your help!
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LOL Ive got one who is bathroom obsessed..He sleeps in the sink in the tub on the rugs behind the potty..Anywhere he can fit is squishy fat body!!! LOL...Too bad my door is broken because Fatman can throw himself into the door to push it open so he can get inside.
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