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Originally Posted by calico2222 View Post
In a situation like this, it's awkward at first. As strange as it sounds, you dumped him (good job!!) and they may feel like they have to console him for now. They probably feel like they are caught in the middle (not your fault at all!!). You never know, maybe he was stalking them too, or ambushed them into dinner (sounds like the type) and they couldn't get rid of him. Give it time.

One thing I've learned is true friends will be there in the end. I'm not saying they aren't true friends, it may just take a day or two of adjusting to the new situation. Or, they may not be true friends and in that case you don't need them. Easy to say, I know, but it's the truth.

Hang in there sweetie.
Really excellent advice. I agree with every word.

I'm sorry you are feeling hurt, Sarah.

I don't blame you, your feelings are natural and normal. But a little hurt from people who may or may not be friends who really care is better than what would be in store for you if you'd stayed with that guy. know what he's capable of so it's very likely that he has given them some totally imaginary version of what has happened between the two of you.

Perhaps along the lines of "all I ever wanted to do was love her, but she's so worried about what people think" or "it's obvious she thinks she's too good for all of us". or "she's such a #^@&!^@ $!^*, don't believe a word she says"


Hugs, dear. Time will pass, it will get better, but the most important thing is you are safe and free. And get yourself checked for diseases soon, okay?
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I was over reacting.

She texted me at 930 or so asking if I wanted to go for Timmies with her, and we did. I explained it all, and she agreed and said she was sorry we didn't work out, that he wasn't different.. that she just wanted me to be happy. Hence setting me up with him.

THanks guys. Seriously. I don't think I would have clued in. And I'd still be with him. Wanting to shoot my brains out. I didn't see what was going on until everyone else told me and I looked back at it all.
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YAY! So glad you are feeling better!
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"'The only people who see the whole picture,' he murmured, 'are the ones who step out of the frame.'"
— Salman Rushdie (The Ground Beneath Her Feet)

You were in the picture. I'm so glad you shook him off early, and that your friend supports you.
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Just wanted to update on everything.

The first week was really hard. It was the week of my birthday and everyone blew me off and I had no one. I tried to not let it bother me, but I will admit, that it really hurt.

That weekend, like the 11th/12th, my friend and I had plans to hang out, which we did, but her BF and the ex ended up joining. It didn't make things any easier that I kept seeing him everywhere. I'd go for a walk and I'd see him, go to Mcdonalds, and he'd be there. Go see my friend at work, he'd show up. Later, a friend told me that he toldhim that he was actually following me.
Which also made my friend from the Pizza Parlor get mad and defensive (he thinks he's got a chance with me, but not interested in him in that way) and it really ruined one evening when we were all hanging out (even ex) and all enjoying ourselves until they got into it over me.
I had a pregnancy scare just a few days ago. I was due on Wednesday, but it didn't come. I ended up slipping it out accidentally to a friend of both myself and the ex. Also then told my friend and she went out with me to get a test on Sunday(Negative! then mother nature hits me the next day, of course.) Anyway, the mutual friend that I accidentally told, told the ex, and he confronted me about it. It didn't end well.

I finally just told him to leave me alone that I never wanted to see or hear from him again. Ever. I said some probably really immature and inappropriate things to get the point across. He ended up blocking me on MSN and then deleting me off facebook. Then I was out with my friend and her BF and our buddy fromt he pizza place last night and we ran into him. He didn't look at me at all. So I'm hoping he's gotten the point and is finally moving on.
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Thanks for the update. I've been wondering how you are doing. I hope it's over for good now.
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Get out now! This guy is a stalker waiting to happen.
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