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It really depends with Sox, if I have been reading before bedtime she is either at my feet or she is laying right beside me. If I have been petting her she is either on my chest, that is until I turn over and then she is on my hip.
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Nibbler doesn't sleep... She licks me till I can't take it anymore and push her off the bed. She used to sleep on the other side of the bed like she was protecting me, not anymore. Now it's lick lick lick every 30 minutes... not very restfull... And it's usually my face she licks, which is bad cuz I'm slightly allergic and happen to only have a reaction to her saliva.
When she does sleep however, it's on my neck or my chest. Which is wonderful... sometimes.
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My cat (who died a year ago) would sleep on my face. I'd wake up with fur in my mouth, and somewhat stuffy lol she just used my face as a pillow Gosh, I miss her so much.
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Sophie sleeps against my chest, nestled under my armpit (I sleep on the side with one arm stretched out). Squirrell will usually sleep by my feet, or if he's allowed to by Sophie, snuggle up next to her so he can be with me. When Sophie's not sleeping with me, he takes her place and rolls around cuddling me. Sophie has to be under the blanket, no matter what. Squirrel has to be on top of the blanket, or next to it.

Sometimes he'll sleep under the bed. I think he's trying to play guard cat when he does, because he keeps a constant watch on me whenever he's under there.
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Cammy isn't real snuggly, but when she joins me in the morning I'm usually on my back and she sleeps nestled between my arm and chest.
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Chynna likes to sleep on my hand.

Abby doesn't really sleep on me. She pastes herself up against my left side. If you can picture this.....she lays on her side with her back against my side, her butt up towards my arm pit. My arm is against her from her butt to her neck. She rests one hind leg and her front leg over my arm so my arm is like a body pillow! Then while I'm trying to read or fall sleep, I'm expected to gently scratch Her Magesty's chest and neck.
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Hubby gets half the bed to himself, while I share my side with three cats. One on my pillow, wrapped around my head. Two on my feet/legs. Sometimes I get lucky and one or two of them choose to sleep on top of the head-board instead.
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While we are on the couch, Trout prefers the crotch area.

In bed though, she sleeps beside us usually so not to get crushed as she has a few times

She used to do the whole "pinning me to the bed sleeping on top of the blanket but between my legs" thing.
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My Mowgli likes to sleep between my legs and top of the sheets in the summer. During the winter he likes to sleep under the covers without the comforter touching him! Kind of like his own little warm bubble.?
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