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What body part does you cat sleep on?

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Okay, for those of you who have nocturnal companions, what part of your anatomy does your kitty like to sleep on?

I've had several who would either like to be wrapped around your head or a meatloaf on your chest. Aya is a little perv and wants to sleep down in my crotch, really nestled in there (I did another post where I explained the reasons for her crotch obsession).

She also does the between the legs sphinx position facing me. When I'm on my side, (yeah rolling over is tricky with a crotch cat unless you want surprised claws to the groin), and then she sits behind my knees with her front paws and maybe head over the top.

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Since I'm a tummy sleeper, Sam is a rump/hip man. He'll perch up there and ride my bum as I roll over. Weird dude!
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Tolly sleeps on my stomach when I'm reading on the couch, and curled in my arms in bed.

Mazy sleeps under my chin on the couch, and at the back of my neck in bed.

Jennie sleeps on my legs, on the couch, and against my legs in bed.

Fun thread!
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She must be a distant cousin of my girl Cooper. She does the same thing. I don't mind untill she starts grooming!
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Sterling wants your right arm. It's fine until he starts licking.
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Domino sleeps on my head, Bobo sleps curled around my head and Little Miss sleeps eithe on my head or on my lower legs. Genna and Slinky dont like to sleep in the bed.
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Harvey likes to wrap himself around my neck, and purr...very loudly, . Very sleep promoting .

Luke likes the crook of my legs or on top of my feet.

Danny doesn't sleep with us at night because Luke bullies him, but he loves to nap on my lap or around my shoulders while I'm sitting on the couch in the day.
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Right on my bloody chest. She's not a small kitten anymore either. Likes to bat and/or bite at my nose while I sleep.

I haven't had an uninterrupted sleep at home in 3 years.
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Originally Posted by Lyrajean View Post
Aya is a little perv and wants to sleep down in my crotch, really nestled in there
I don't know that I would have described it quite like that, but that's where Forest likes to sleep, too.

Tailer sleeps between us...front paws touching my back, rear ones touching DH's.
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Cuddles and Prissy are the only two that are really "bed" kitties.

Prissy likes to sleep on me, anywhere on me, but I move too much for her so she usually steals a pillow and sleeps on that all night. When hubby is home, she usually steals his. She does seem to have a need to be near my head though. When I'm sleeping on the couch, she's perched on the back of the couch on whatever end my head is at. If I move, she moves.

Cuddles however really lives up to his name. When he gets in bed, he has to be curled up right under my chin, and heaven help me if I'm not petting him!
He's become very good at finding ways to make sure my attention is on Him. Once he actually falls asleep though I can slide him down to the crook of my arm or somewhere else. He's so trusting he just goes complelety out when he's sleeping on me and I can mold him into a pretzel and he wouldn't care.
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Mira sleeps on my chest, or on my hip if I'm sleeping on my side; Kipper wraps around my head on the pillow (or on the other pillow if I sleep in after the fiance goes to work); my chihuahua puppy Milo sleeps in my crotch or nestled in against my tummy and thighs (as close as he can get to my crotch); and Missy has taken to sleeping at the foot of the bed, not on anyone's feet though. Callie isn't comfortable with sleeping with us yet, and the kittens are too little, but sometimes I take them out for playtime and fall asleep before I can put them back, and when that happens they curl up in my neck until Mira or the hubby-to-be puts them back in the pen.
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They don't always sleep on me and some of them will come and go or just sometimes come to snuggle, but they do have preferences.
Blaze likes to lay on my chest with his head tucked under my chin. He also likes to put his front feet on my shoulders when in that position and knead and purr. Unfortunately sometimes he also drools.
Spot prefers to be on or above/behind my head on the pillow. I started sleeping with two pillows so I can have one behind my head for him to sleep on and one for my head. Even if I am not in bed Spot likes to be above/behind my head, for example if I'm sitting on the couch he will jump up and lay on the back of the couch behind my head.
Harley likes to be next to me or once in a while she'll lay on the pillow. Blaze also sometimes will lay on my pillow if there is room!
Mr. Grey likes to lay next to me or on my arm.
Church is usually not in the room at night but when he is he prefers to lay on my chest. If I'm on my stomach sometimes he will lay on my back.
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Jamie prefers my left side, and stretches out from my hip to my shoulder/neck. He'll sleep on my right side, but complains.
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Smudge doesn't like the bed. I think he's so large and boneless he needs more support that a waterbed can give him.

Tigger doesn't sleep. Seriously. Well, at least during the night. She perches on my waterbed rail and watches for me to awaken so she can remind me she needs to be fed at 3:30.

Nadette will "visit" my chest if I am reading, but one deep breath or twitch and she's outta there.

Clyde prefers his laundry basket.

Elsa sleeps on my feet. She's my only kitty that will sleep with me.
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Crumbs likes to sleep on my neck, as close to my face as possible. I don't like waking up with a mouthful of fur, though, so we compromise and she sleeps on my legs instead.

Niko won't sleep on the bed anymore, since I tend to move around and accidentally kick her in my sleep.
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Dusty sleeps on my right elbow when I tuck my arm under the pillow.

Squeak sleeps against my back.
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Dharma, my non-lap kitty, will sometimes sleep near my feet, or near my head, but never touching or on me. I'm normally a side sleeper - Dante like to be touching, either rump to rump, on my feet, curled up behind my knees or directly in front of my tummy, and will often start the night perched on top of me, rear directly toward my head. Unless, of course, it's too warm for him - then he sprawls out all over the bed, including making sure his tail takes up as much space as possible, and giving me maybe four inches to rest in.
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I am a side sleeper.

Topaz will lay near my head or up against my chest. I have to make sure I leave enough room for her majesty. Ari rarely sleeps with me (because Topaz bullied him, IMO) but has curled up on my side.

Years ago, when we had a lot more kitties, I once woke up (to the sound of my Mom laughing) with all of them perched on my side from ankle to ribs, with my soul kitty curled up against my chest. They were all there because it was way past breakfast time. I was ill and had already told the kitty by my chest that I would feed them when I was dang good and ready. (Mom's arthritis made it difficult for her to open the cat food cans or she would have fed them earlier.)
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This is a great thread. I love this thread!!!!
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When Ku Ku sleeps with me, she'd sleep either on my side facing my armpit or curling up right next to my stomach.

As soon as I'm in bed, she'd sphinx across my stomach and purrrrr. I'd have to pet her while saying "meowmy's going to sleep, good night, good night..." until I fall into sleep. I think she walks away as soon as I fall into sleep...I guess she tries to "meowmy-sit"?
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Spanky lays somewhere on my legs until the first time I toss and turn. I sleep on my side, and Scarlett will spoon with me, usually with her head on my shoulder. Stumpy has to touch me, but doesn't like the fact that I do toss and turn. Koko will sleep on my feet for a while. Pinky and Eightball will give me a brief visit by standing on my side until I pet them for a while. And when Muddy decides to sleep in bed with us at night (very rare), he's on my chest, and he doesn't let me toss and turn.

The rest sleep at the foot of the bed. We have a very crowded bed.
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I sleep on my back with my left arm curled around Lilly. Zachary sleeps either on my chest (not very comfortable) or between my legs.

Forrest won't sleep on the bed with us. He insists on being shut into his "man cave" (the guest bathroom) every night. It's strange but he seems to love being by himself. He's got a little covered box under the vanity and food and water. My husband lets him out in the morning when he gets up.
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Originally Posted by Tari View Post
I don't know that I would have described it quite like that, but that's where Forest likes to sleep, too.
Yeah, well (I mentioned this in my other post) she also climbs in my underwear basket and takes inventory of my panties, and tries to climb up my skirt any chance she gets! When she was a small kitten she would climb in between my legs (I sit indian style) and nap while I sat on the floor and used my 'puter. I think its conditioned her to think the place, or god forbid the smell, is a security blanket of some sort.... She is truly obsessed.
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Milo makes sure he kneads both of my arms for atleat 10 minutes before settling between my side and right arm. If I dare interupt his "happy dance," he has to start all over. lol... I think he must have some for of OCD, but it's my favorite part of going to sleep.

Teddy sleeps at the foot of my bed at night.... but as soon as I wake up, he has to lay on my chest for a few minutes before I'm allowed to start my day.
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Arwen will stretch across me when I'm laying on my back, so that she is facing me. Most of the time she is up close in the sphinx position and staring into my eyes

It's ok until she yawns though, Jeez the breath is lethal!
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Swanie like to sleep on my feet or my leg, or leaning up against my leg. The other night I woke up and I was on my side with my legs bent. He was behind me laying half on my hip. It was pretty funny. Sometimes he'll stretch out beside me. Cindy hasn't done this in a while, but I would occasionally wake up with her sleeping on my side.
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This is a great thread! Fatman MUST be in the middle of BF and I no matter what he has to be there and heaven forbid I get to hot and want him to move because if I even breathe wrong he is howling at me to go back to bed! GiGi likes to lay with BF she adores him so thats who she sleeps with and Hercules when he deems us good enough to sleep with is usuall right next to my face staring at me or at my feet curled into a ball! Awww I love sleeping with my kitties! Puppy isnt allowed in bed anymore!The kitties voted him off the island! LOL
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Maggie start with kneading my stomach, then sleeps next to me, when I awake in the morning though she is sleeping on my pillow at the top of mhy head!!!! I love it!!!!
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Holland rolls with the punches... If I'm sleeping on my stomach she lies on my back. If I'm on a side she'll balance herself on whichever hip is facing up. I usually sleep on my back, though, and her favorite place is right between my legs with the mid-part of her body at about knee level. She faces my toes and when she wakes up before me she attacks my feet mercilessly if I move...
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Alley pretty much stopped sleeping with me a few months ago. When she was smaller she liked to curl up next to my head or on the pillow.She would also sleep against either my back or my stomach.

Her usual night time sleeping spot is in my comfy computer chair (in my bedroom)and sometimes w a y under the bed.

Can`t have everything,I guess.
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