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Hee hee! We got some bubbles for the wedding and of course had to try them out to make sure they worked I knew the dogs liked bubbles, but we've never done it around the kitties. Boots and Frodo LOOOVVVEEE bubbles! They were hopping and popping like crazy, it was so funny. I wish I had a video camera to catch it.
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Oh yes, thats Jack's favorite reward, bubble time. We haven't done that for awhile, perhaps I need to pull those out and see how the kitten likes them.

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We just recently bought bubbles for Genever, and she is still not quite sure about them. When we start blowing them, she'll get up if she's lying down, and just stare with WIDE eyes, then after a bit she will go over to them and just watch, if one comes too close she'll back up, it's kinda funny. Then of course when I've had enough and my hand's all sloppy soapy and I put them away, THEN she tries to attack the floor. Way after the bubbles have popped. Silly kitty. She might get used to it in time.. maybe.
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