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Stripes' Kittens

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Stripes went into labor around 11am this morning. Kitty #1 didn't come out until 2:15pm. Was getting worried by that point, but he came out fine and the first 3 were born in about 40 minutes, with #4 coming about an hour later. One grey and 3 black, all with some degree of lighter markings too. They are adorable.
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Awwwww everyone looks so peaceful and happy! Congrats!!!
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How sweet...congrats!
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I *think* we have 3 girls and 1 boy. I think the darkest one is a boy. Of course it's hard to tell when they are so little, but that's my guess I also already have a few friends interested in taking one in a few months so that's good. The local organization that does cheap spays/neuters will do a group of mom and kittens all for $100 so I'm going to see at what age they will do the kittens and possibly get them all done at the same time if I can before giving them away.

Now to think up some names.
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Well that's great! Hopefully they'll do them as soon as they hit 2 lbs! that can be anywhere from 7 (BIG babies) to 12 weeks old!
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so cute! I'm glad mom and babies are doing well!!
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Bumped for those who asked. I'll post some new pics later.
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Nice markings! I love the colour of the mommy too, she seems to be taking good care of her babies.
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