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Rabies shot yesterday, sleepy today

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Ellie, 2yrs, 10 lbs, had a rabies shot yesterday. This is the first one she's had since being adobted last fall (she had one at the shelter). She has been sleeping all day today - not sunning herself sleeping, but curled up on the bed next to my pillow sleeping (she usually sleeps at the foot of the bed, maybe this is just a coincidence). She did eat dinner but hasn't been moving around much today. Could a rabies shot make her so lathargic? Since I've adopted her, she has had a few other shots but I don't remember her acting like this afterwards... Hopefully this is nothing to worry about and she'll be back to herself soon....thoughts??
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A number of us have had cats look pretty sick after a rabies shot. Keep an eye on her, watch to be sure she's eating and drinking, etc., and call the vet to see if he wants to see her. She should be OK in a day or two.
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My vet always warns me after a rabies shot that it could cause them to be sleepy. I've found it depends on the kitty...some it didn't bother at all, others seemed like they were drugged and slept all day. If she's still like this after another day or so, I would definitely check with the vet. But being sleepy for 24-48 hours after a rabies shot isn't unusual.
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I thought if she was still very sleepy tomorrow I'd call - I'd hate to go into the long holiday weekend without some sort of reassurance...she does normally sleep alot, but also gets in a bunch of play time too. She hasn't been playing at all today. George had his shots today and so far so good! Glad to know that other kitties can react this way too...
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I agree with the others that it's not so unusual what you are seeing in Ellie after her shot. she should be back to herself by tomorrow.

However, I'd go ahead and call the vet and have it put in her records that she had this reaction. It's information your vet should know and if she ever comes due for more than one shot at a time, you might want to space them out a week apart.
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Ellie seems much better today! Actually late last night she came out of the bedroom and wanted to play. Poor baby - that rabies shot really whiped her out!!
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I've heard of that as a reaction to the vaccine. I'm glad to hear she is doing better! My cat Church got a lump after a vaccine and I was so worried... My vet said it was a vaccine reaction but luckily it was nothing serious.
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When I take mine in for their shots, the invoice actually has a reminder printed that some pets experience lethargy after an injection - but if things don't improve in 24 hours to call the office. I suppose it can be like me, at least, after a flu shot - I always seem just a tad more tired than normal that first evening.

Glad she's better - and that she has such a loving home.
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