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Help please

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I don't know if I'm aloud to do this but.....

We have in our shelter 4 small kittens whose mother tested positive for FIV, the mother has found a rescue, however, the little ones will be put to sleep if we don't find one that takes kittens. We are located in Broome County, New York. Does anyone know of any rescues with in a one day trip?
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The only thing I can think of is going on petfinder.com, type in your zip code and start calling the shelters and rescues that show up in the list to see if they will take kittens with FIV. It is certainly worth a try. I know there is a shelter around me that handles alot of cats with feline leuk and fiv status. So they are out there. Good luck!
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I just found a shelter that has two locations. One has a shelter for cats that are healthy but have leuk or FIV. I would try them. They are in Binghamton. Phone for the main shelter is 607-786-5740. The one that has the FIV cats is 607-729-6676. Link is above!
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We have tried all the local shelters, no one is accepting anything, let alone special needs.........
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It might be worth posting to the Best Friends Network in your area to get the word out, or even contacting Best Friends directly for any leads on placing them:

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