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TICA HHP titles/entry question?

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I was wondering if anyone can explain what titles household pets can get in TICA? I am entering my cats in a show in HHP and there is a section on the entry form called "Status" and it says:

Household pets
HHP Kitten

I am not sure what these mean, I assume they are titles? Do I leave that section blank since my cats are just regular 'adults' new to showing and are not titled or kittens? Or would they be called "senior"?

Can anyone explain how the points and titles are calculated for HHPs in TICA?
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This explains the titles.
Just leave it blank.
Those are all tiltles.
Senior is for a old cat.
Here is a link that will help you.

Do you see where it says all cats in the entry form?
You need to fill that out first.
It says HHP adult.
You need to put your region. and sex.
I can over it with you to make sure it is ok.
Here is a link to what I am talking about.
It is from the show that I entered Cleo in.
After you fill that part out skip the pedigree part then fill out the HHP part.
It will say Household Pets below that.
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Thanks! The part I'm confused with is where it says STATUS. The form I have does not have a selection for N/A. Do I put Senior?

I also am still kinda confused about how points are awarded/scoring for HHPs and how they are called to the ring (color divisions vs finals etc...) I looked at a few sites which explained TICA points but they were a little confusing when it came to the HHP scoring... I did go to one TICA show but I was showing my Maine Coon and a HHP and my HHP was really grumpy so I pulled him from half the rings, the Maine Coon was in "New Traits" and ended up being the only cat in her class so we didn't learn much at that show.
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I've never entered a TICA show, partly because the show dates didn't fit into my schedule and partly because the entry forms are so confusing. However, I think HHP judging is probably similar to the CFA shows. All HHP cats and kittens are judged together: all colors and patterns, long hair, shorthair, doesn't matter. Each cat is assigned a number for the show, and you'll be called to the rings by number. I don't think the HHP cats are given titles, except maybe some kind of recognition for the cat with the highest number of points accumulated over the year.
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I think senior is for a cat 7 and older.
TICA does have titles for HHP unlike CFA.
TICA welcomes Household Pet exhibitors. Household Pets have their own unique Standard and titles which are comparable to pedigreed cats. Household Pets are judged primarily on condition, beauty, and show presence. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and colors and patterns are often a whim of Mother Nature.
They are
Grand Master
Double Grand Master
Triple Grand Master
Quadruple Grand Master
Surpreme Grand Master
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There should be a status of Novice or Open for the HHP's on the entry blank. If not - then write it in on the Status line.

ACFA has titles too for the cats to earn - just like the championship cats.
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It does say Novice on Cleos entry.
Do you see that on your entry form?
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It doesn't list Novice under status. It's an online form so I can't write it in.

This is what it says:
Pedigreed kittens/cats

Pedigreed alters


Household pets
HHP Kitten
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Is there anything that says region?
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Is this the show?
If so it is on top.
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Originally Posted by mews2much View Post

Yeah that is the show. See under "Status - Household Pets" it lists kitten, senior, master, etc... I don't see novice?
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Just leave it blank. That should be ok. You can always call or email the entry clerk
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Agree to leave it blank and then email the entry clerk to let them know your cat is a NOVICE - maybe there is a glitch in the online entry system.
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That's the Franklin Park show? I went to that, just to look, two years ago - at that time, everyone, judges and breeder/exhibitors, was very friendly and answered all sorts of my fairly new to cats questions. It was a heck of a lot lower-key than the Arlington Park shows (well, of course, cat only - and it's in a village community center). I was thinking of going again, just to mosy around - I'll be wishing you the best of luck if you show!
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Yes that's the one, Franklin Park.
I actually entered the Arlington Park (Chicago Pet Expo) show with my cats the last two years. Not the purebred show, the household pet show which was separate from the CFA purebred show there (held in a separate part of the building, totally not connected). You're right, that one is definitely not "low key" as far as the atmosphere around because it is such a huge all-pet show and so many people. I had Harlequin at that show and she was competely at ease and not at all phased by the crowds, dogs, or other critters. The people at the HHP show there were really nice and good about explaining things though, and the HHP show was pretty low-key itself (as much as it could be in that environment anyway.) Actually my kitties won "best in show" for the Arlington HHP show the last two years! Roxy won it last year, and Harlequin won it this year.

The only TICA show I've been to was from the Prairie State Cat Club, the same one doing the Franklin Park show but it was in the spring in Wheaton. However I didn't really get a feel for how the HHP stuff worked or the scoring at all in that show because the HHP I entered (Church) was misbehaving, did not get any finals and I ended up only showing him for half the rings. I also took my Maine Coon to that show but since she was in New Traits and the only one entered in her group all we did was go up to the ring, get a quick going over by the judge, get a 1st place ribbon and go back.
I posted on a Yahoo cat show group asking if anyone was going to the upcoming show and could help me to figure out the scoring stuff and I got a few replies. One of them was actually one of the judges at the Arlington show and is a TICA HHP judge (but not at this show), so she said she would help me out.
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a cat who has not earned a title yet is a senior in TICA.
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