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Help with new kitten!!!! :D

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Hey everyone i have a 6 month old kitten, Tigger. I just brought home a baby kitten, Angel. Now the problem is Tigger keeps goin after her and biting at her and grabbing a hold on her. She lets out a meow and will run away, but than pretty much comes back for more? Should I be worried about this or will they eventually get passed this? I'm worried that he is gonna actually hurt her or something. What should I do to help ease the process? Thanks for your help everyone !!!!!!!
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My 6 year old cat did that to the kitten. I think it to tell the kitten whose dominate one. My cat still does it to the kitten who is 4.5 month old now when he meows really loud at the door because he wants to go outside.

Here's a video of my cat biting the kitten
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so this is a normal behavior? should i be worried about it, will he actually hurt her? should i seperate them, or let it continue until it stops? i dont want her to get hurt you know?
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I used to stop Luci(older cat) from biting Sushi(kitten) when I first got him because I was afraid he was going to hurt/kill Sushi and I also didn't know why he was doing that. Now I let him do that because he never hurt the kitten when he bit his neck/scruff.

I think when a cat bite the kittens neck is kinda like how the kitten's mom would discipline them if they were misbehaving.
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Sounds like they are playing. Especially since the kitten will go back for more. I agree with you tubing some videos of cats playing or wrestling. It will show you just how rough it can get. It can be scary to watch if you are not used to it.
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thanks for all the help i really appreciate it.... can they share a food bowl and litter pan? or is that an issue?
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No sharing of a food bowl. That goes for dry and wet. Unless they make that choice themselves over time.

Litter also. Have at least two boxes. Some people follow the rule of one for each cat plus one extra. I fortunately have cats that will share. But I let them make that choice. I had enough boxes and they didn't care. They all used the same one.

You will avoid alot of issues. It is alot harder to take care of issues once they arrive (especially with cats) than prevent them from arising to begin with.
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we set them up with seperate food bowl and waters and litter pan but they keep both using the same ones.... the new ones arent being touched at all so just let them be? or still leave the extras on out just in case?
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How long has it been? I would give it a little while longer, but it sounds like you are one of the lucky ones with some easy going kitties.
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its been a couple days and they share both the food and the litter box, but yet the older one seems to still keep goin after the baby otherwise. But like i said the baby will let out a meow almost like a cry to stop it but then she goes back for more. im very concerned about that part of it because im really afraid that Tigger will hurt her the way he grabs her and flips over with her in his grasp.
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They are noisy when they play. Play for them is a way for them to learn about how to hunt. Its instinctual. So it will take on the look of one being the "prey" and one being the "hunter". But they are playing roles. Like I said it can look and sound pretty bad, especially if you are not exposed to it often. But it is play.
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okay nice thanks sooo much that takes a huge weight off my shoulders lol.... you guys are the best site out there because everyone really knows what they are talkin about and answers soo quickly!!! thanks again for helping a noobie cat owner
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