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Sick Baby Kitty, please help!!

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Hi, I'm really hoping someone out there can help me. My children found a baby kitten in our back yard two days ago. We estimate that it is about three weeks old. It's eyes are open and its walking (wobbly) on all fours. I have been feeding it milk replacement that we purchased at our local store. My concern is the fact that it seems to have a cold.??. The poor little thing has trouble breathing and the first day it was inside, it had greenish snot coming from its nose. The discharge has stopped and she is eating pretty well, but the labored breathing continues. Can anyone suggest something I can try at home until I can get her to the vet??
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A steamy bathroom can help. Keep in mind that kittens can go downhill very fast if they don't eat regularly, and they often won't eat if they can't smell.
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Poor baby kitten I don't know much about what you can do but I am sending lots of vibes to help the baby get better!!!

: ::
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It's not surprising she's sick after being out in the cold for so long. It would be a good idea to get her to a vet from some antibiotics because she's so little.

However, hot compresses, saline drops (loosen the mucous in her nose) & a humidifier have always worked well for me for cat-colds.
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Get her to a vet as soon as you can. Meanwhile keep her nice and warm with a rice-filled heated sock or a well padded hot water bottle and blankets. And steam - either in a warm bathroom or from a children's inhaler will help her breathe, as it would a sick baby. Warm the kmr to blood heat before giving it to her. Good luck, it may be difficult - the mother could have abandoned her because she knew she was sick.
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This site might prove useful overall.

Does the vet know it is a sick orphaned kitten? Most vets have spots saved for very sick animals to be seen.

As mentioned, kittens can take a sudden turn for the worse.

Steamy bathroom, keeping it warm (no direct heat-heating pads not the best choice....microwave uncooked rice in a sock) make sure it's going to the bathroom (you have to help...see site above) and making sure it eats is all I can think of. Sorry it's not much help. Praying you can get a vets help soon.

I hope the little one improves quickly. You are doing a wonderful thing to care for it.

Keep an eye out for any more of the kitten's litter mates in the area.
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Thanks to all of you who gave suggestions, I appreciate them all. But despite all of my efforts, I lost the little one last night. She fought so hard to make it, but it finally got to be too much, I guess. I'm going to miss her. I only had her for a few days, but stepping in as mom kinda bonded me to the little one. Again, thanks so much to all of you for your care and suggestions. She will be missed.
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I am so sorry - I know you're in pain, but I hope you can take comfort that you gave this baby care, and love, for her short time here - and she's over the bridge, playing and healthy, and waiting for her human family to come someday so she can rejoin you in love.
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I'm so sorry, You and your children are Angels to try and save this little baby. As was said, the mama cat probably abandoned her because she was sick.

You did all you could and are teaching your children love and compassion for animals. If you have other cats, watch them closely to be sure they did not pick up this bug.

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