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Could Use Warm Thoughts

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I'm worried.

I have a lot on my mind as is. Graduation is Thursday and Friday. Parents are coming in tomorrow. But these are all fun things. These are all things I get to revel in.

But then...then there is always something, isn't there.

I grew up practically with three grandmas, my grandma and her two sisters. My one great aunt passed away four years ago now, and that was very hard. I just found out that my other great aunt, who is 89, is needing lithium to keep her heart working. She called my cousins and my brother up to her place to basically tell them and say her goodbyes, tell them to prepare...etc. (I live 2500 miles away, so I hear about these things last.)

Ugh. I'm just worried. I wish I could see her.
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I hope all goes well for you at your Graduation. Pat yourself on the back that is a big accomplishment

As for your Great Aunt if you can't see her give her a call. Tell her how you feel about her just let her know that you love and was thinking about her.

Sending good vibes for you and your great Aunt, and a {{{{{HUG}}}}}
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Enjoy your time with your graduation and with the time with your parents. It's a terrific achievement and you are allowed to enjoy yourself. Don't feel guilty.

Give your Great Aunt a call and have a talk. Tell her that you are thinking about her and that you care.

Sending out warm thoughts and vibes to you and your family.
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I am so sorry to ehar about your grandma ((hugs)) My heart goes out to you and her as well!!
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