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Changing rescues

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Wish me luck. I am meeting with a different rescue this weekend. If I am accepted by them as a volunteer and they agree to help me place the foster cats I have paid for, then it is bye-bye to Metro.

I know I am going to get stiffed on the money I have paid out to date; I have to accept that. But I cannot and will not work with something who thinks it's ok to shaft me, talk down to me, insult me, treat my calls and queries about sick cats, etc,, as an annoyance and then not answer me when I want to talk about things. I have had it. This is not how you handle a dependable, devoted, hard working, caring volunteer who has given you lots of her time ... and quite a bit of money... over the last five years.

And once all the cats have been rehomed, I will never, never, never, EVER foster again. I feel like my good intentions were totally co-opted by the stinky people involved. I am not sorry I saved these animals. They are wonderful creatures... I cannot say the same about the humans who were supposed to help me.
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Many you get accepted by this other group!
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I know I've read a little about your bad experience & it is very unfortunate. I wish you luck in finding a better resuce to volunteer with.
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you get accepted by the other group! You really need a change - the other group has been nothing but trouble for quite a while now.
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I met briefly with the two ladies who run this other group. They asked me to stop by their regular adoption event, but it was too hectic to really talk. I think they understood what I was after.... a place to show, help placing the cats and we can work out the fee question.
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Hope this works out for you!
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Originally Posted by LDG View Post
Hope this works out for you!
Thanks! I sent them a follow up email to ensure that they understood where I was coming from. Fingers crossed... these guys need permanent homes!!
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Keeping them crossed.
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I have been accepted by the new group. Yaaaaayyyy!!!

They even want to join the fight to change things at the local animal control I gripe about on here.

Today was the last straw with my old rescue group - being ignored and treated in a brusk manner. They got pizza in the break room and didn't invite me or the other "cat" person! Tired of the junior high school antics. Buh-bye!
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CONGRATULATIONS! Wow - it's gonna be like a breath of fresh air! And yeah - that place sounds like it has some serious issues. I'm glad you'll have people to work with you on lobbying the town (or county) to make some changes over there!
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