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Mulligan ( My new alarm clock)

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Oh My Goodness, Can anyone tell me where the snooze button is on a cat??? Everyday my actual alarm goes off at 6am, but my kitty alarm goes off between 4:30 and 5 am....even when I try to hide my face from the tongue of death I get the paws searching under the covers, and for god sake can the purring get any loader.......Now I know he does it because he's hungry he only gets fed in the morning and dinner time (I tried the grazing all day thing, but I ended up with little vomit mounds everywhere ) so this feeding schedule seems to be working. I love him to death but I need a snooze button...
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Sorry, as the adage goes, there is no snooze button on a cat that wants breakfast. Topaz is my alarm clock with pitiful meows that she is wasting away,
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CAts are naturally active at dusk and dawn, which explains the 5am wake-up-calls and the excavate-you-out-from-under-your-sheets thing. If you give in and humor them they will try to adjust your schedule to suit theirs!

Be thee warned!
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EVERY morning at between 4-4:30a.m. He head butts mee and if I'm on my stomach, he takes his paw and taps me on the back. I may or may not get a chirp. Aren't cats amaazing?
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Mulligan can`t wait to get up and at `em!

Alley used to be aweful about playing at 4am or so...ack!

Now we are on the same schedule but when the alarm starts going off she`s up and meowing at me to get up.If I get up in the night she will follow me around.Have to resist petting and talking to that Alley cat or she gets wound up.

I never get tired or bored living with my cat.There is always something she is doing to make me love her even more! awwww...
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