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Professional Grooming

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Just curious.

For those of you who get your furbabies groomed professionally, and by furbabies I mean cats and dogs, I have a question.

Does your groomer cover vet bills if they cause any injuries such as nicks?

I'm asking because I read a liability notice in a local pet store and was quite disgusted. It said that any injuries requiring the attention of a vet would not be paid for and was solely the responsibility of the owner. Now, this is just my opinion of things, but shouldn't the groomer be qualified as to how to handle animals and know what they're doing so that injuries are only going to happen if the animal gets spooked by something? And wouldn't a responsible owner leave strict instructions that if their pet shows any signs of distress to not go through with the grooming?
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I take my cat BK, to be groomed. When they first started grooming him I had to sign a form to the effect, if he went crazy they would give him a shot to calm him. Luckly they have never had to do this to him, so now I do not have to sign the form anymore they know how he going to act. They last time I took him I asked how does BK behave and they told me the only thing he does is he is constantly trying to get off the table and it takes 4 people to hold him down. He is very strong and I was having the same problem then I was giving him a bath. BK is a big baby.
Some groomers get one time customers and the pets have never been and they freak out, but yes a professional groomer should have the experience to handle those pets. Also that groomer may have only had this happen once and the owner made them pay the vet bill. Which I agree, if the groomer harms the pet then the groomer should be responsible and this is a question I will ask the next time I take BK.
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Just what I thought Clara...if the groomer has caused harm then they should cover the cost of the vet bill. I had always assumed this until I happenned to glance at the liability notice. I've never taken my cats to be professionally groomed by anyone. There's no need and I don't show them and I pretty much know that they would freak out and not enjoy it one bit.
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I take two of mine in every summer to be shaved. The groomer is the best! I don't know of anyone else in the area that would work with these ferals as gently as he does. I get them shaved because they are cockleburr magnets in the summertime, and my vet told that the best option would be to shave both of them. They are so much more comfortable and cooler. The first time I took them in, I insisted on staying and watching the procedure. Kent was really patient and kind with them, and I really looked over his operation while I was there, as I have heard horror stories about professional groomers. I did not have to sign any papers either, perhaps an advantage of living in a small town?
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I have wondered if we should get Sasha (our Ragdoll) a lion cut for the summer. I have never had a longhaired cat before, and I don't know how well, or poorly, they tolerate heat. Of course, he is always welcome to stay in the a/c with us on really hot days...
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I need to get my kitties shaved soon as the temps here have reached the triple digits. At least we have the A/C on during the day and they are inside only.

I think I can pull it off the next kitten payment I get. I've been looking over our books and we have spent over $2K on the cats since the first of the year. Income from kittens...$900.00 so far. As you can see it is not a for profit opperation! LOL

I can see why backyard breeders send their babies with the minimum of shots and at 7-8 weeks. All my babies have all their kitten shots, are fully weaned and potty trained, come with a book of baby photos, tons of info and supplies, including 1 dose flea treatment, sample bag of food and a coupon for a free bag, paperwork for getting ID tags made by the disabled (they have embroidered leashes and collors too), My vets card as well as my own card. And lots more.

The kittens are bathed every week and are ready to go to the groomers with some manners in place! LOL

I believe the groomer should be liable for the damages they cause the animal just like the owner should be liable for any injuries their animal inflicts on the groomer!
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Hey guys! So how long does your cats fur need to be before it can beshaven....because my baby starts panting on really hot days and loves to roll on the ground and gets really dirty so i was wodering if i could get him shaved or if that would look funny!!!!
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Any cat can get shaved, but, if it is an out door cat and they trim the hair very short you would need to wory about sunburn. Unless it is a long haired cat I would just spritz them wth water to cool them off.
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I worked in a grooming shop some years back. I could tell you many horror stories. If we accidentally nicked a cat or dog we had the vet next door check it, and if need be treat the cut. The shop absorbed the cost of this not the customer.
There was one incident where a cat bit one of the groomers very badly, she was on antibiotics for a month the shop owner also payed for her treatment.
This is just my experience though, and this was about 15 years ago.
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I believe the groomer should be liable for the damages they cause the animal just like the owner should be liable for any injuries their animal inflicts on the groomer!
As a pet groomer I just wish the SECOND part were true!
Our shop always tries to tell the owner of anything that happened there whether it be that we cut the pet or see infected ears or hot spots or anything. If we caused the harm (even if it was due to an unruly, uncontrolable animal) we will still offer to pay for a vet visit. But just so you realize, accidents DO happen, even on a well behaved pet.
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I have 7 cats and 3 large dogs. I do all my own grooming , I have clippers and all sorts and the best part I'm ONLY 13 (shhh)

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Hi All,

I want to take Peaches in to be groomed. Just so she gets all beautified! But I know she'll bite. I called the groomer and I guess they put little kitty muzzles on them. What does everyone think of that? Is it a cruel thing or is it ok?

Mom to Peaches
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BEfore I started grooming pets I disagreed w/ muzzles. But, now that I am a groomer, a muzzle is sometimes necessary to control an animal, I am always checking to make sure that the muzzle is not too tight and that the animal is breathing ok. I actuallly had a cat last week that I had to send back to the owner half shaved because it bit right through the muzzle and was attacking me with all four of its paws (it had all of its claws), I had 3 people helping me to hold the cat and still it was attacking, I still have scratched and an infected bite wound! And I wondered why the cats name was pounce!! lol
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